Tuesday, 9 December 2008

RAISE CAIN - Bootleg 7'' EP '95

No! This blog is not dead! Yes, it has been while since the last time I posted something here, but I'm still checking things out, not coming over here like before due to the crazy schedule in my life. I wish i can get more spare time, because I really enjoy up/download stuff.
I have many records in mind, but I'll start with something that I promised to post.
As you should know, I've posted the Japanese Raise Cain's "Ground Zero Demo" and "Return To Many Shocks and Panic first 7" EP" . Now you get the second 7" EP released by the great American label Sound Pollution.
RAISE CAIN - Bootleg 7" EP '95 ( Sound Pollution - Pollute 024)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

V.A. Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83 + CD edition

I first got this Swedish compilation back on the old times of trading tapes. I immediately got hooked with many bands on it, such as Sabotage 81, Adrenalin, Rolands Gosskör, Livin' Sacrifice and D.N.A. delivering great Punk Rock songs and, of course, the amazing Asta Kask throwing two new recordings of the old songs "Landsplikt" and "Demokrati"exclusive for this compilation. But the highest point for me is one of my favorites bands of all time, Anti Cimex first song "Eibon" is just over a minute and is in the same vein of the Really Fast and Raped Ass era. The second song "Heroindöd" is a different and slow version of the one released on the Anarkist Attack 7" EP '81, just great! Check out the lyric translation in the comments.
So, when I finally put my hands on the vinyl, I realized that the last two songs on my tape were missing and I had passed years without listen to Nyx Negativ.
Years later (1994?) Rosa honung Records released a digitalized version of this compilation. I don't know why they've excluded Anti Cimex, Rolands Gosskör and Nyx Negativ out of the CD, but they've included Strebers, Tredje Könet, Extrem Exem, Zynthslakt and Raw Animal which makes worth to have both versions.
Oh yeah, Raw Animal was also on the vinyl version but under the name Hjärndöd, playing a slightly different version of "Jag Är Desperat".
Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83 (Rosa Honung Records - RosaLP10)
01. Sabotage 81 - Det är bara USA
02. Sabotage 81 - Meningslöst liv
03. Sabotage 81 - 1994
04. Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna - Jehovas vittnen
05. Anti Cimex - Eibon
06. Anti Cimex - Heroindöd
07. Livin' Sacrifice - Jag lever
08. Adrenalin - Adrenalin
09. Rolands Gosskör - Grossen Franco // Maktbegär
10. Hjärndöd - Jag är desperat
11. Asta Kask - Demokrati
12. Asta Kask - Landsplikt
13. D.N.A. - 4000000000 döda kroppar
14. Nyx Negativ - Nyromantiker
15. Nyx Negativ - Idioterna

Vägra För Helvete! - CD edition (Rosa Honung Records - RosaCD10)
01. Sabotage 81 - Det är bara U.S.A
02. Sabotage 81 - 8 miljoner datorer
03. Sabotage 81 - Meningslöst liv
04. Sabotage 81 - 1994
05. Strebers - Till en vän
06. Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna - Jehovas vittnen
07. Livin' Sacrifice - Mentalsjuk
08. Livin' Sacrifice - Jag lever
09. Adrenalin - Adrenalin
10. Raw Animal - Jag är desperat
11. Raw Animal - Bensin & Lim
12. Tredje Könet - Valium
13. Asta Kask - Demokrati
14. Asta Kask - Landsplikt
15. Extrem Exem - Eget Liv
16. Zynthslakt - Religion blood
17. Zynthslakt - Land of war
18. D.N.A. - 4000000000 döda kroppar

Sunday, 31 August 2008

RAISE CAIN - Return To Many Shocks and Panic 7'' EP '89

RAISE CAIN - Ground Zero Demo '86
More Japancore, this time I present you with RAISE CAIN. This is their first 7" EP from 1989 released by the German label Amok Records.
Raise Cain also appears on Hilt to Hilt-Yokohama City Hardcore 7" EP and on the classic compilation Eye of The Thrash Guerilla LP. They have another 7" on Sound Pollution Records called Bootleg (to be posted in the future).
As a bonus I'm including their demo from 1986 which is a fucking great recording, it could easily be released as a 7" EP.
RAISE CAIN - Return To Many Shocks and Panic 7'' EP '89 (AMOK Records)

RAISE CAIN - Ground Zero Demo '86

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Another MCR release. This time Nightmare from Japan versus Concrete Sox from England.
Nightmare play typical Japanese Osaka thrashcore ala S.O.B. They've been putting great records out since their first amazing 7" EP from 1988 on Selfish Records, until now when they're still touring.
Concrete Sox formed 1984 at the heart of what seemed to be an explosion of hardcore and metal music, Nottingham and also part of Derby. They were one of the earliest hybrid metal/hardcore bands to come out of the UK as well as arguably one of the earliest examples of a hardcore band leaning towards metal music (this is typically referred to as "crossover thrash" nowadays) who had an animal and politically conscious message in their music.
This 7" split EP also coincided with the Concrete Sox Japanese tour in 1992.

01 - Annihilation - NIGHTMARE
02 - Find Your Way - NIGHTMARE
03 - 悲劇 (Tragedy) - NIGHTMARE
04 - Extremely Hardcore - CONCRETE SOX
05 - City Slave - CONCRETE SOX
Nightmare + Concrete Sox - Split 7'' EP '91 (MCR Company - MCR-49)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Toxic Noise + Damnable Excite Zombies! Split 7" EP '93

Kick Out The Real Pain is the name of this 7" split EP released at the end of 1993 by the almighty Japanese label MCR Company.
These two Japanese bands play fast, tight and chaotic Japancore that may leave you listen to them over and over for some time.
D.E.Z. previously got a split flexi 7" EP on MCR Company with the Finnish AMEN and a full 7" EP called Suck Your Soul on the German label Amok Records and distributed in Japan by MCR Company. They also contributed in two compilations: Under The Cloudy Sky 7" EP and Fucking Noise Terror CD. There is a demo from the same set of this 7" EP with 8 songs.
TOXIC NOISE has a weird demo from 1992 called Hell Night, a flexi 7" EP split with SHOKA FRYO (to be posted in the future), a song on the classic V.A. BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH!- Son of bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!! 7" EP. Let me know if they have anything else.DOWNLOAD:
Toxic Noise + Damnable Excite Zombies! Split 7'' EP (MCR-065)
Video uploaded by the singer

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

CHAOS U.K. - Just Mere Slaves LP '86

When Chaos U.K. went first to Japan in 1985 with a new line up, except for Chaos, they got to a studio and recorded fews songs which appear on the A side of this LP. The B side is a good live recording during the Japanese tour.
This is also the first release of the legendary label Selfish which also released many classics such as Gauze, Lip Cream, Death Side, Systematic Death etc.
CHAOS U.K. - Just Mere Slaves (Selfish Records - BEL12001)

Monday, 30 June 2008

REVOLUCION X - 1st 7" EP '94

When I first got this 7" EP I knew it would be an instant classic. It starts with the statement of war declaration from the E.Z.L.N (Zapatist Army of National Liberation) which was just rebelling against the Mexican government in the begin of 1994.
And what you listen next is pure Latin American angry and rough Punk. In your face songs dealing with E.Z.L.N., slave Latin American work in U.S.A, North American border patrol -I'm Making My Future With The Border Patrol is a very sarcastic song-
This is a wonderful effort from 4 French labels ( ANGRR; INEPTIE; TOXIK GRAFITTY and NEW WAVE Records) and how themselves state:
The realization of this 7" single from the Mexican group REVOLUCION X is an act of internationalist solidarity, supported by different French labels acting in a mutual help in response of the ambient sectarianism... It's spread a reality, help a struggle, take our own responsibilities.
I made sure to scan all statements and lyrics (with English and French translation) so you can fully enjoy this historical 7" EP.


REVOLUCION X - Política y Esparcimiento... 7" EP '95

This is the second and last Revolucion X's release and as the first one it is all about Latin American subjects. Panama, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil are part of their criticism. Also another great sarcastic song, this time about Mexican TV and the funny Julio Iglesias Disecado (Stuffed Julio Iglesias).
It was released by Alarma Records and Martin's (LOS CRUDOS) label Lengua Armada.
REVOLUCION X - Política y Esparcimiento... 7'' EP '95 (Lengua Armada 3 / Alarma 7)

TETSU ARREY - Force 7" EP '96

Just 15 days after being posted, the 1st Tetsu Arrey album had reached more than 200 downloads, so I thought would be nice to post this great 7" EP which was released by HG-Fact and has three songs included on the second album, but slightly different versions, plus a exclusive track called Starting Over. My favority is the first song 生きてる自分を誰かが知っている with a great guitar solo.
TETSU ARREY - Force 7" EP '96 (HG-Fact / HG-063)

Friday, 30 May 2008

鉄アレイ TETSU ARREY 1st Album

Hello fellas! After some time of laziness, I'm back for a few more posts. I don't think will be many, but they are here ready to be posted.
鉄アレイ, TETSU ARREY or TETSU ARRAY is a Japanese band first known from the compilation Eye of The Thrash Guerrilla LP '88 bootlegged in 2000.
I don't know when this album was released as it doesn't state on the cover, but I believe it is from 1991. I know it is very hard to find, differently from the second album that was well spread by HG-Fact.
For you guys that never heard TETSU ARREY, they play the typical Japanese "Burning Spirits" music, a Hardcore Punk with some elements of Rock and Metal. I found a little bit hard to swallow when I've heard the second album for the first time, but after a few listening and even more after seeing them live it became easy to enjoy them. And sure at that time, I didn't have the first album which I believe to be the best one.

鉄アレイ TETSU ARREY 1st Album (Sunshine Sherbet Records / SS-011)

RÖVSVETT - Hunden beskyddar människan, men vem beskyddar hunden Demo Tape '84

I saw this demo somewhere with the blog family, but I will post it again, actually I should stop thinking that I shouldn't post something that someone already did, why not? This is my blog, this is my rip and this is for all of you. I just don't like when people clone blogs and don't even mention where about they got it from. But...
Well, Rövsvett first demo, as good as the first two 7" EP "Jesus Var En Tomte" and "Ett Psykiskt Drama I 7 Akter", after those, they had slowdown and started making some week music, accept for the split with Raped Teenage. But they got back with full energy in 1996 when released "Burn The Gay Nuns" CD a tribute To Poison Idea a band they worship. Since then, Rövsvett keep releasing great albums and "Kicked Ass" CD is a prove of that. And some more keep coming.
RÖVSVETT - Demo Tape '84

HYLKIÖ - 1st 7" EP '92

Hylkiö was a Hardcore/Punk band from Finland better known for their split 7" with Battle of Disarm from 1994 when they also released another 7" split with Urban Riot, playing crust/grindcore.
But before that they had put out two 7" EPs in the pure Scandinavian hardcore veins that would reminds you of Mellakka, Varaus, Kaaos,...
I am posting this rare first one (300 made) in the hope that someone rip Maapallo Itkee Verisiä Kyyneleitä 7" EP from 1993 as I only have that on tape and I tell you what -the second one blows the first away- including a great cover of Disorder's Rampton Song.
HYLKIÖ - 1st 7" EP '92 (SHJ Records / SHJ-013)

CACOFONIA + PUTRID SCUM - Courage For Peace Split EP '90

Attention everyone! Do not download this if you are sensitive to Grindnoise.
Straight from Mexico Putrid Scum and Cacofonia (also sharing member of Anarchus and Atoxxxico) have one of the most sick and dirt Grindcore I ever came across.
Believe or not, Cacofonia still alive (20 years old) touring the world and releasing albums.
CACOFONIA + PUTRID SCUM - Courage For Peace Split EP '90

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Totalitär never been so D-Beat as they are on this album, 8 tracks of pure Discharge, Discard worship.
Dismachine are there too, but occasionally changing to a blast beat. At first it might sounds weird, but you D-Beat lovers wont think they have destroyed your ears but only the drums kit. DOWNLOAD:
TOTALITÄR + DISMACHINE - Split LP '95 (Your Own Jailer Records - JAH-006)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

GAS - Reincarnation LP '86

This is the only LP released by the Japanese GAS, and compiles the songs from the 7" split EP '84 with Niku-Dan + the 12" EP '85 "Sweet Emotion" + 4 unreleased tracks also from 1985. Different from the previous releases, the music here is more structural, something that will reminds you of Gastunk and there is a reason for it: on Sweet Emotion they count on with the magic guitar of Tatsu from Gastunk. But not to let you down, the next guitarist -Norio- also follows the great wizard delivering great guitar solos. DOWNLOAD HERE:

Friday, 14 March 2008

RIISTETYT - Nightmare in Darkness LP '84

I guess you don't see this album everyday around the net.
Nightmare in Darkness LP was released by the German Rock-O-Rama Records before releasing Raped The Future LP.
The A side is a studio recording where Riistetyt attempt to do English versions of their old songs. The B side is a good live recording from the Puntala Rock Festival 1983. Although the titles are translated to English, the live recording is in Finnish.DOWNLOAD HERE:
RIISTETYT - Nightmare in Darkness LP '84 (Rock-O-Rama Records - RRR 34)

Friday, 15 February 2008

CÓLERA - Dê o Fora 7" EP '86

This is so far the only Cólera's studio 7" EP . It was released by the Belgians Hageland Records before the first Cólera's European tour in 1987.
This Brazilian band still going on since 1979 and still playing great shows with the same energy.
If you have a chance to see them, don't miss it.
Not as furious hardcore as Olho Seco -where they share two members in the line up- Cólera plays a sing along Punk Rock that reminds me of Lama, Asta Kask, Razzia.
Redson, guitar/singer, also had a label which released important Punk albums such as SUB Compilation LP, Cólera- Tente Mudar LP, Ataque Sonoro Compilation LP... and many more.
An interesting fact is that three songs from this 7" have been re-released in Cólera's Pela Paz CD as bonus tracks, letting out "HC-Oi-Punk", which talks about an unified scene between Hardcores, Punks and Skins. I guess the reason why they dropped that song is due to the extreme political differences created by Punks and Skins in the 90's, maybe.DOWNLOAD HERE:
CÓLERA - Dê o Fora 7'' EP '86 (Hageland Records - 001)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten 7" EP '83

On November 6th & 7th of 1982 D.R.I. recorded their first release, the Dirty Rotten EP, fitting 22 songs into 18 minutes on a 7" EP. Only 1000 copies of this EP version were pressed, making it now a very rare collector's item. Demand caused this EP to be later remixed and re-released as a full album with the same 22 songs, but in a different order, and titled "Dirty Rotten LP" . The record has a very gritty sound and is the band's only punk record along Violent Pacification 7" EP without metal influence. It is considered one of the most influential hardcore albums of all time, and is also considered one of the first trashcore records. This album would also be combined with all four songs from their 1984 Violent Pacification EP. The 7" was bootlegged in 2002 I guess. The Dirty Rotten LP was re-released yet again in 2003 as the Dirty Rotten CD, with 22 bonus tracks.
D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten 7" EP '83 (Dirty Rotten)

Friday, 25 January 2008

THE SEXUAL - Complete discography '83-85 CD

A few time ago when I was checking Serotoninronin blog, I came across to a great Japanese band that I've never heard before called At Det, which reminds me a lot of Crow, Kuro and The Sexual. Then I thought, why not post The Sexual discography?
And here we go. You get the first flexi 7" EP "Suicide" from 1984, the second flexi EP "The Last Days" from 1985, the 2 tracks from Jisatsu Compilation 8" EP from 1985 + unreleased studio and live tracks recorded in 1983. And I tell you what: there isn't a single bad track here. This is one of great bands from Japan and probably from Earth. Just wait to hear "The Last Days" song and you'll understand what I'm talking about, it sounds like a soundtrack from a sinister movie. I got the feeling that I've heard that song before.DOWNLOAD HERE:
THE SEXUAL - Complete Discography 1983-1985 CD 2002 (KK Records)

Monday, 14 January 2008


While you are reading this, Agathocles is probably releasing a new record and I want more. It's the most profile band putting records out since 1988. Just in the year of 1997 they put out over 15 records between split 7", CD, LP. And I consider this split EP one of their best. For the simple reason that on this record they sound very distinct from other releases, actually they sound in the Shikabane's way, which makes me believe that they got influenced by the Japaneses first 7" EP.
This is the second record from Shikabane and like the first one, it will leave you without breath. Fastpogocore!!!
01 - Bio-Industry Fucked Up Humanity - AGATHOCLES
02 - Just Injust - AGATHOCLES
03 - Macho Crowd - AGATHOCLES
04 - 所業 - SHIKABANE
05 - 無 - SHIKABANE
06 - 仏造って魂入れず - SHIKABANE
07 - 摩訶般若波羅蜜多心経 - SHIKABANE
08 - 欲にきりなし、地獄に底なし - SHIKABANE

AGATHOCLES + SHIKABANE - Split 7" EP '97 (Keloid Records - K-02)

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