V.A. REALLY FAST Vol. 1, 2, 3

These are for me the most important compilation that came out of Sweden. Really Fast 1st LP was released by Really Fast Records on 1983 and has two of the most profiles Punk bands such as Anti Cimex and Asta Kask.
I still remember the first time that I heard Anti Cimex and was those three songs which still remaining as the best of the band in my opinion.

Bands: Missbrukarna, Anti Cimex, Kurt i Kuvös, Product Assar, Hidden Industrials, Terror Pop, Asta Kask, Huvudtvätt, Nasty Boys, DNA, Destroy, Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna, E.A.T.E.R., P-Nissarna.
Really Fast Vol. 2 was released in 1985 and is as good as the first issue, also all great bands specially Sound of Disaster, Asocial, Mob 47, Sötlimpa, ...

Bands: Krixhjälters, S.O.D., Asocial, Tatuerade Snutkukar, Swankers P.M.S., Nyx Negativ, Mob 47, Bristles, AB Hjärntvatt, Ingron Hutlös, R.T.S., Distrust, Subway Army, Sötlimpa.
And the last one on this post is the Really Fast Vol. 3 released in 1985 which follow the other two and is probably the most solid one with some heavy and fast hardcore. Also featuring one of the best Punk track of all time in my opinion, of course, is the Disarm's "Va Dig Själv".
Bands: Avskum, Discard, Von Boom, D.T.R., S.S.S., Fear of War, Existenz, Slam, Disarm, Dom Där, Svart Parad, Bedrövlerz, Raped Teenagers, Pöbel Möbel.
These three LPs were re-released in 2000, manufactured and distributed by Sound Idea in well done CD format, but is already sold out which is a shame, because this is a must have album if you like Scandinavian Punk.
V.A. REALLY FAST Vol.1 LP '83 (Really Fast Records - RF1)
V.A. REALLY FAST Vol.2 LP '85 (Really Fast Records - RF3)
V.A. REALLY FAST Vol.3 LP '86 (Really Fast Records - RF4)


Honquijote said…
Thanks a lot for uploading these compilations ! May the farce be with You...
Adamski said…
Still can't believe that I sold my copy of Volume 1 all those years ago! But I do have the others you've posted & one or two more.
These were considered so hard to get when I was a kid - what a difference the internet makes!!!

Great series of compilations posted this week.

Did you go to the show last night? I had to work so could not go...

Anonymous said…
Oi! Love your blog. If you're intrested in swedish stuff you should check my www.sirling.blogg.se
All the best
Recycler said…
Cool! I have this on a 2CD re-release. But i wanted an Lp rip. Check out my blog for the other Really Fast comps.
The Blaster
Correction for Recycler's comment. The link is:
There you can find Really Fast Vol. 4 & 5
Anonymous said…
WOWOWWOWOWOWOWOW! I have been trying to recollect all of this thrashing Scandanavian punk/HC...but this is something I have never heard...WOW!

JESUS BACON WONDERBRA~ this collection just ROARS! WOW! The Swedes are completely distinct in their passion~ thanks!

Without your blog, rare gems like these wouldn't see the light of day.

Have you ever heard "Rokk in Reykjavik" or of the "EMMA" compilation? (from an important squat/community in Amsterdam)

ANYWAY! CHEERS! AND a good year to you!
Anonymous said…
When I read about these records, I somehow confused them with the Fast Product Earcom comps. What a mistake! Thanks for posting.
zak said…
volpe77 said…
thanx a lot!!
can u fix the vol 2?? mediafire is blocked
Brootlyn Zu said…
please reupload...

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