Thursday, 11 June 2009


Today is your luck day.
According to HUVUDTVÄTT only performed once during the career. It was in Sundsvall autumn 1982. So I guess this is the one. For the first time in the Internet (not even on youtube yet) you have the chance to watch this great band which is for me the bridge of the 70's to the 80's Swedish Punk.
On this clip you can catch the first 2 songs: Smutsig Byk + Huvudtvätt. The concert goes over 16 minutes when is interrupted by the police.
Well, I might add so more over here and/or post on youtube in the future.
For now, feel privileged to see with exclusivity.

HEADCLEANERS - Disinfection 7" EP '81

Although you've probably seen this posted in other blogs, I've decided to post my second pressing of Disinfection by HEADCLEANERS. Well, actually they started the band as HUVUDTVÄTT in 1981 when the brothers Nilsson left the Swedish city of Sundsvalls to Linköping breaking up the great band MASSMEDIA.
Headcleaners were their attempt to reach the international market recording in English.
For more informations go to
HEADCLEANERS - Disinfection 7" EP '81 [1990] (1000dB - 001)

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