Friday, 30 May 2008

鉄アレイ TETSU ARREY 1st Album

Hello fellas! After some time of laziness, I'm back for a few more posts. I don't think will be many, but they are here ready to be posted.
鉄アレイ, TETSU ARREY or TETSU ARRAY is a Japanese band first known from the compilation Eye of The Thrash Guerrilla LP '88 bootlegged in 2000.
I don't know when this album was released as it doesn't state on the cover, but I believe it is from 1991. I know it is very hard to find, differently from the second album that was well spread by HG-Fact.
For you guys that never heard TETSU ARREY, they play the typical Japanese "Burning Spirits" music, a Hardcore Punk with some elements of Rock and Metal. I found a little bit hard to swallow when I've heard the second album for the first time, but after a few listening and even more after seeing them live it became easy to enjoy them. And sure at that time, I didn't have the first album which I believe to be the best one.

鉄アレイ TETSU ARREY 1st Album (Sunshine Sherbet Records / SS-011)

RÖVSVETT - Hunden beskyddar människan, men vem beskyddar hunden Demo Tape '84

I saw this demo somewhere with the blog family, but I will post it again, actually I should stop thinking that I shouldn't post something that someone already did, why not? This is my blog, this is my rip and this is for all of you. I just don't like when people clone blogs and don't even mention where about they got it from. But...
Well, Rövsvett first demo, as good as the first two 7" EP "Jesus Var En Tomte" and "Ett Psykiskt Drama I 7 Akter", after those, they had slowdown and started making some week music, accept for the split with Raped Teenage. But they got back with full energy in 1996 when released "Burn The Gay Nuns" CD a tribute To Poison Idea a band they worship. Since then, Rövsvett keep releasing great albums and "Kicked Ass" CD is a prove of that. And some more keep coming.
RÖVSVETT - Demo Tape '84

HYLKIÖ - 1st 7" EP '92

Hylkiö was a Hardcore/Punk band from Finland better known for their split 7" with Battle of Disarm from 1994 when they also released another 7" split with Urban Riot, playing crust/grindcore.
But before that they had put out two 7" EPs in the pure Scandinavian hardcore veins that would reminds you of Mellakka, Varaus, Kaaos,...
I am posting this rare first one (300 made) in the hope that someone rip Maapallo Itkee Verisiä Kyyneleitä 7" EP from 1993 as I only have that on tape and I tell you what -the second one blows the first away- including a great cover of Disorder's Rampton Song.
HYLKIÖ - 1st 7" EP '92 (SHJ Records / SHJ-013)

CACOFONIA + PUTRID SCUM - Courage For Peace Split EP '90

Attention everyone! Do not download this if you are sensitive to Grindnoise.
Straight from Mexico Putrid Scum and Cacofonia (also sharing member of Anarchus and Atoxxxico) have one of the most sick and dirt Grindcore I ever came across.
Believe or not, Cacofonia still alive (20 years old) touring the world and releasing albums.
CACOFONIA + PUTRID SCUM - Courage For Peace Split EP '90

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