Thursday, 27 December 2007

V.A. Pinch and Ouch! Compilation LP '85

I'll be posting some stuff today, but I am not in the mood to write too much, not many feedbacks in the comments area, which makes me less interested to make reviews.
Anyway, here is another great Japanese compilation featuring some well known bands such a GAI and KURO. But don't underestimate the others here, they kick ass too. Like GESS, where you can hear a good production of their songs.

V.A. Pinch and Ouch! LP '85 (KPP Records - KPP-001)

Thursday, 13 December 2007

SCREAMING NOISE - Not Very Nice 7'' EP

Well, I thought it was supposed to be posted on 7 Inch HCPunk. After all they never did and I don't remember seen it anywhere else, so here we go.
This is the first Screaming Noise 7" EP. Released by Eat Noise Records which I believe is the band itself. It's hard to tell exactly when it was released as the record doesn't state anything about it . I guess it dates sometime in 1996 or 1997 as the second one is from 1997. Find the second EP here.
Judging by the cover you can guess this is a Disorder worship band, but as they are from Japan it takes the natural course sounding like Swankys, Gai, Confuse, ...
I believe this style of music became a circle. If in the begging the Japanese bands were doing what Chaos U.K., Disorder, Chaotic Dischord did, now you can see the English Wankys doing a good job ripping the Japanese.
Oh yeah, apparently Chaotic Dischord was just taking a piss of Chaos U.K. and Disorder.
SCREAMING NOISE - Not Very Nice 7" EP (Eat Noise Records - ENR 01)

Friday, 7 December 2007


More Scandinavian Compilation. Now you get some classic HC/Punk and some obscure Punk bands from Finland. Terveet Kädet, Varaus and Kaaos are the classic bands that you got here before and as the previous posts those tracks wont let you down. Aivoproteesi and KTMK as far as I concern is their only release [check comments for updates], I also remember seeing a live footage of KTMK along Terveet Kädet, Rattus and WDM. Apärät appears on the Propaganda Hardcore '83 LP and have a great 7'' EP from 1985 called "Häiriköt Tulee".
This is my first Finnish post after Jakke Hallikainen death. Jakke was Kaaos' singer and died apparently on 29th of November due to a hearth failure. A big loss for the Punk scene as Kaaos were still playing gigs.
DOWNLOAD HERE:V.A. Yalta Hi-Life LP '84 (Barabbas Records - BRS 002)

Thursday, 6 December 2007

V.A. REALLY FAST Vol. 1, 2, 3

These are for me the most important compilation that came out of Sweden. Really Fast 1st LP was released by Really Fast Records on 1983 and has two of the most profiles Punk bands such as Anti Cimex and Asta Kask.
I still remember the first time that I heard Anti Cimex and was those three songs which still remaining as the best of the band in my opinion.

Bands: Missbrukarna, Anti Cimex, Kurt i Kuvös, Product Assar, Hidden Industrials, Terror Pop, Asta Kask, Huvudtvätt, Nasty Boys, DNA, Destroy, Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna, E.A.T.E.R., P-Nissarna.
Really Fast Vol. 2 was released in 1985 and is as good as the first issue, also all great bands specially Sound of Disaster, Asocial, Mob 47, Sötlimpa, ...

Bands: Krixhjälters, S.O.D., Asocial, Tatuerade Snutkukar, Swankers P.M.S., Nyx Negativ, Mob 47, Bristles, AB Hjärntvatt, Ingron Hutlös, R.T.S., Distrust, Subway Army, Sötlimpa.
And the last one on this post is the Really Fast Vol. 3 released in 1985 which follow the other two and is probably the most solid one with some heavy and fast hardcore. Also featuring one of the best Punk track of all time in my opinion, of course, is the Disarm's "Va Dig Själv".
Bands: Avskum, Discard, Von Boom, D.T.R., S.S.S., Fear of War, Existenz, Slam, Disarm, Dom Där, Svart Parad, Bedrövlerz, Raped Teenagers, Pöbel Möbel.
These three LPs were re-released in 2000, manufactured and distributed by Sound Idea in well done CD format, but is already sold out which is a shame, because this is a must have album if you like Scandinavian Punk.
V.A. REALLY FAST Vol.1 LP '83 (Really Fast Records - RF1)
V.A. REALLY FAST Vol.2 LP '85 (Really Fast Records - RF3)
V.A. REALLY FAST Vol.3 LP '86 (Really Fast Records - RF4)

V.A. SUB LP '83

After a long time away from the blog, I'm back with a Brazilian classic compilation which describes very well how the Brazilian Hardcore/Punk sounds.
This LP was recorded at the end of 1982 and first released by Estúdios Vermelhos in 1983 followed by Ataque Frontal in 1985 and Indie Records in 1989. Then remastered to CD by Devil Discos. The problem is, with the re-equalizing process the sound changed too much and even worse is that the gaps they put between tracks, where you can not find on the vinyl making this record a non stop gem. I still believe worth to have the CD version, is like you are listen to a different recording, but you'll only notice it if you listen the vinyl version along it.
First we have Ratos de Porão - before João Gordo era - delivering their dirt hardcore with Jão (the only original member till nowadays) on vocals. Some Brazilian Punks believe that was R.D.P.'s best line up.
Cólera is another band that still going on recording and gigging, although they got slightly softer, still doing their catch sing along Punk Rock with great live performance.
Psykóze only register on vinyl is a sick apocalyptic disoriented chaotic Punk with crazy vocals talking about the end of the world, how shit mankind is and so on.
Fogo Cruzado -I always thought that was a great name for a band- means Crossfire and, oh yeah, it sounds like a real crossfire. It's a fucking original band that you wont listen anything like that combining powerful vocals and pounding drums. This is also the only studio register on vinyl although they have a split LP with Olho Seco where live performances are found.

On top you can see the first back cover press which comes with R.D.P's wrong songs printed.
V.A. SUB LP '83 (Estúdios Vermelhos)

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