Monday, 30 June 2008

REVOLUCION X - 1st 7" EP '94

When I first got this 7" EP I knew it would be an instant classic. It starts with the statement of war declaration from the E.Z.L.N (Zapatist Army of National Liberation) which was just rebelling against the Mexican government in the begin of 1994.
And what you listen next is pure Latin American angry and rough Punk. In your face songs dealing with E.Z.L.N., slave Latin American work in U.S.A, North American border patrol -I'm Making My Future With The Border Patrol is a very sarcastic song-
This is a wonderful effort from 4 French labels ( ANGRR; INEPTIE; TOXIK GRAFITTY and NEW WAVE Records) and how themselves state:
The realization of this 7" single from the Mexican group REVOLUCION X is an act of internationalist solidarity, supported by different French labels acting in a mutual help in response of the ambient sectarianism... It's spread a reality, help a struggle, take our own responsibilities.
I made sure to scan all statements and lyrics (with English and French translation) so you can fully enjoy this historical 7" EP.


REVOLUCION X - Política y Esparcimiento... 7" EP '95

This is the second and last Revolucion X's release and as the first one it is all about Latin American subjects. Panama, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil are part of their criticism. Also another great sarcastic song, this time about Mexican TV and the funny Julio Iglesias Disecado (Stuffed Julio Iglesias).
It was released by Alarma Records and Martin's (LOS CRUDOS) label Lengua Armada.
REVOLUCION X - Política y Esparcimiento... 7'' EP '95 (Lengua Armada 3 / Alarma 7)

TETSU ARREY - Force 7" EP '96

Just 15 days after being posted, the 1st Tetsu Arrey album had reached more than 200 downloads, so I thought would be nice to post this great 7" EP which was released by HG-Fact and has three songs included on the second album, but slightly different versions, plus a exclusive track called Starting Over. My favority is the first song 生きてる自分を誰かが知っている with a great guitar solo.
TETSU ARREY - Force 7" EP '96 (HG-Fact / HG-063)

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