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RESCUES IN FUTURE - Something Happened Today 7'' EP '86

Following the release of  FEAR OF WAR LP by Nausea Records, I've been listening The Viking Are Coming compilation so often once again.
So I thought would be interesting to post the only full record by this melodic Swedish Punks.
We got five tracks of pure mellow Punk Rock. I really liked the third song "Understand", no much about the others, but I have to warn you, they will stick in your mind for sometime after a few listened.
RESCUES IN FUTURE - Something Happened Today 7'' EP '86


This was first released by Uproar Records in Sweden, then licensed to New Face Records in Brazil. Uproar album was a single LP, soft paper poster size cover and included the Uproar zine #3 which covered all bands on the compilation. The Brazilian release came up on 1987 and is a double LP, hard gatefold cover, some different photos, but no zine.

Both have the 23 tracks, 8 bands which varies from the melodic Punk Rock of Ugly Squaw to the raw power of Crude S.S. But be careful and don't get too mellow when listen to Rescues in Future's "You Can Try".
V.A. THE VIKINGS ARE COMING LP '85 (Uproar Records #2) / '87 (New Face Records 009-1)
When you download the music you also get the zine scanned.
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