Friday, 31 August 2007

BALANCE - Why answer Still Missing

This is my first only Japanese post and you better get used coz I am a Japanese-freak. I love japancore.
Don't missjudge this band by the name or even the cover, I know it looks a bit strange, I myself wouldn't buy this record if I didn't know them before. First time I heard Balance was on "V.A. This The Life Vol. 3" released by M.C.R in Japan. Only one track that made me go mad to find out about other releases. And yes I got hold of this master piece and their split CD with U.C.A "Two 'Existence' With One Heart". You can't go wrong if you like bands like Death Side and Crude, actually Balance comes from Hakodate City the same as Crude, Mustang, Etæ, sharing members and similar music.

BALANCE - Why answer Still Missing 7" EP '99 (Blood Sucker Record - BSR-52)

BALANCE - "Never Too Late" (From V.A. This is the Life 3)


This was first released by Uproar Records in Sweden, then licensed to New Face Records in Brazil. Uproar album was a single LP, soft paper poster size cover and included the Uproar zine #3 which covered all bands on the compilation. The Brazilian release came up on 1987 and is a double LP, hard gatefold cover, some different photos, but no zine.

Both have the 23 tracks, 8 bands which varies from the melodic Punk Rock of Ugly Squaw to the raw power of Crude S.S. But be careful and don't get too mellow when listen to Rescues in Future's "You Can Try".
V.A. THE VIKINGS ARE COMING LP '85 (Uproar Records #2) / '87 (New Face Records 009-1)
When you download the music you also get the zine scanned.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

OLHO SECO - Botas Fuzis Capacetes

I believe many people first heard of Olho Seco when listen to the Maximum Rock'n'Roll V.A. "Welcome To 1984 LP" where they blasted with the second track after the killer TERVEET KÄDET leaving you breathless. But by that time they already have released this first single, taking part on a tape compilation featuring bands around the world called "Raw War" realeased by Xcentric Noise, also the infamous live V.A. "O Começo do Fim do Mundo" LP, but before that they were on the first ever Brazilian Punk 12'' "Grito Suburbano" shared with CÓLERA and INOCENTES, dated of 1982 also released by Punk Rock Discos which was run by Fábio, Olho Seco's singer.
There is cool interview from a Brazilian zine called S.P. Punk translated for the site KILL FROM THE HEART:
Also on Kill From The Heart you can find a discography as well. Still possible to get some Olho Seco's CDs at Brazilian shops, ebay, and some distros. This single is very rare and expensive if you find it, but these tracks here and many more are included on the split with FOGO CRUZADO and BRIGADA DE ÓDIO, worth to have it.

TERROR - År 2005 + Johnny Rebell

I don't know too much about this band and I only heard these 2 songs and I have to tell you that "Johnny Rebell" has a beautiful melody, the first time i heard it, was in the home made tape compilation called "HARDCORE HISTORY Vol. 10 Sweden". They also appear on V.A. Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen LP '82 (if any of you out there have this record upload it please, I'd like to listen to).

TERROR - År 2005 + Johnny Rebell 7" EP '82 (Bitrax Ramp)

DEATH SIDE / CHAOS U.K. - Split CD '93

These are two of my favorites bands (you will probably hear me saying it all the time).
Chaos U.K. still going since 1979 and never retired, just keep change members, Chaos, the only original member had quite sometime ago and Mower got back on vocals, you can check it on the new split with Fuk (another Chaos U.K. based band including Gabba).
Death Side, one of the greatest Japanese "Burning Spirits" bands, released 2 wonderful LPs also on Selfish records + 3 singles and have tracks in many compilations. Few years ago all their stuff were re-released in CDs, I am not sure if you still can find it.
On "The Will Never Die" 2xCD, which includes all singles and compilation tracks also includes "Where Are your Eyes" that was supposed to be on this album but wasn't.
I also had to split the tracks one by one, as on the CD is divided as 2 tracks. (Death Side / Chaos U.K.).
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell that this album was bootlegged in 1998, the only vinyl version of it. 500 copies were made and today is rare and expensive as any other original Death Side records.
This post goes to the memory of Chelsea, the great Death Side's guitarist that died on 17th of august 2007.
DOWNLOAD HERE: DEATH SIDE + CHAOS U.K. - Split CD '93 (Selfish Records)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

RIISTETYT - Laki Ja Jarjestys 1st 7'' EP '82

Riistetyt is a classic Finnish Punk band that was previous called Cadgers. This was their first release, Cadgers had a split 7" EP shared with Kaaos, both were released by P-Tuotanto ( Above you see the front and back cover of the first press, the second one has a different cover, as you can see below.
Riistetyt was born in 1981 and broke up in 1985, then got back together in 1999 and still going on till now releasing new records and touring around the world.
Check them out at: (

01-Toimiiko tää systeemi
02-Isänmaan puolesta
04-Sä maksa
05-Vittuun Velvollisuudet

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