Saturday, 22 February 2014

CHAOS U.K. "Burning Britain" T-Shirts

Classic design from the 1st 7" EP
Screen printed with high-quality ink.
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Monday, 10 February 2014

THE VARUKERS "Protest & Survive" T-SHIRTS

Female's Tops
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

HYLKIÖ - Maapallo Itkee Verisiä Kyyneleitä 7'' EP

This is Hylkiö 2nd 7" EP. Before going crust they played great Finnish hardcore in the veins of Kaaos, Mellakka, Terveet Kädet. They also cover "Rampton Song" from DISORDER executing very well.



I first got it on tape when I used to trade tapes. When I spot it on a friend of mine list I thought it was samples taken from already existent albums. A compilation featuring a line up like DISORDER, CHAOS UK, RIPCORD, E.N.T.,... wouldn't be possible I've reckoned, but as soon as got it from the mail I put it on the tape deck and for my good surprise I was wrong, brand new recording of old songs by Disorder, Chaos U.K., played faster and I got shocked when listening to E.N.T.'s "Bullshit Propaganda". I am not sure if all recordings are exclusive for this album, but I like this compilation from the beginning to the end. Many years later I was in shock again when I was in a record shop and I saw this vinyl, it was the first time that I came across to the cover picture, of course, I bought it immediately.
[First posted on 05/ Sep/ 2007]

01. Overproduction - DISORDER
02. Kill Your Baby - CHAOS U.K.
03. Senile Fools - CONCRETE SOX
04. Single Ticket To Hell - RIPCORD
05. Coconut Song - VICIOUS CIRCLE
06. Ultracore - CCM
07. Bullshit Propaganda - EXTREME NOISE TERROR
09. Oldest Trick on The Book - GENERIC
10. Slumber Party - THE STUPIDS
11. Firing Line - DEPRAVED
12. Truth - BAD DRESS
13. Mr. Parkinson - DR & THE CRIPPENS
14. The Fairer Sex - CIVILISED SOCIETY?
15. Face The Facts - EYES ON YOU
16. Miserable Bastards -POTENTIAL THREAT
17. Pig For Slaughter - OI POLLOI

V.A. DIGGING IN WATER LP '87 (Manic Ears Records - ACHE 3/GURT 20) 320kbps

CARRY ON SCREAMING Middle Finger T-shirts & Hoodies

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