Sunday, 30 September 2007

集団自殺 - Demon Priest 7" EP '91

According to a Japanese friend of mine you should pronounce it as "Syuudan Jisatsu" which means "A Mass Suicide", but also doing a search over the net, I've found people saying "Shuudan Jisatsu" translate to "Group Suicide". More search done and I found a thread over forum where people are trying to solve the mystery of "Syudan Jisatsu". Some people says this is a Finnish band, others say it has Sakevy from GISM on vocal. I don't know, but it sounds alot like GISM, specially the vocals.
I also found a review on the great site saying:
"Frankly: I know next to nothing about this band since more than a decade ago, SYUDAN JISATSU totally drowned within the sea of anonymity. In addition to this, I always thought that this troop is called SHUDAN JISATSU, but a trustworthy friend told me that their moniker is SYUDAN JISATSU. I’m not sure what’s accurate – my Japanese got a little bit rusty recently… Anyway, despite the completely metal looking cover as well as the "names" of the members ("Fist Fight", "Human of the Ghoul", "Erotic Guy Machine" – Jeeeeeezzuuuus!), this platter entirely rules. SYUDAN JISATSU are playing not too swift, but outright driving, slightly metal influenced hardcore with a deep shouting vocalist. Not only because of the singer, who barks in the notorious Sakevi fashion, this EP, that doesn’t have a lyric sheet and/or any inserts, reminds me of GISM ("Detestation" era) and that’s a damn good sign in my book. If you’ll see this murderous single, do yourself a favor and purchase it!! By the way, is anyone familiar with more items of this overwhelming horde?"
On the Japanese site More Noise there is a review but is in Japanese.
For the Finnish part, well, I got the feeling that my friend Otto (Força Macabra, Selfish) has something to do releasing that. I have to ask him about it. And it was released around 1997, I guess. Maybe no one will tell us the truth about this band (or project).
集団自殺 - Demon Priest 7" EP '91 (Helalter Skelter Records - 002)

Friday, 28 September 2007

DISORDER - Air Raid / Law and Disorder 7" EP '80

Yes this IS the first Disorder's single, but, NO, this Is NOT the Bristol's Disorder, Yes they also come from England, but from Sunderland (near Newcastle). What a Disorder, innet?
Formed in 1978 as Cranium Disorder, then shorted the name to Disorder in 1979.
This single was released in April 1980 by Ace Records. 750 copies were made, only 100 with picture cover. Which has a funny story. On Detour Records you can find more about them as their second single Reality Crisis and the unreleased 3rd which was included on the compilation Bored Teenage LP.The first single was also part of the bootleg Cheap and Nasty Vol. 1 LP, 600 copies made with many rare 7". On that LP back cover you also can read the story about the cover sleeve:
"One of the bands grand fathers was a W.W.1 veteran and extremely patriotic who collected books and memorabilia ect on the war. To say he was gutted when his grandson, ripped out a page to make the record sleeve, from one of his most treasured books is an understatement!..." "The tracks were published by 'Criminal Injury Publishers', because whilst the band were playing a gig, the drummer was shot in the eye with an air-gun and they used the compensation to finance the record."Kill By Death blog also have posted this single, but only upload the first track -sorry but I like Law and Disorder pretty much, couldn't let it out- Mark Rough, the singer of the band also made a comment over there, check it out.DOWNLOAD HERE:
DISORDER - Air Raid / Law and Disorder 7" EP '80 (Ace Records - ACE 012A)

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Ok, we don't have to introduce two of the greatest HCxPunk bands coming from Finland. They are very well known, and have great records since the beginning of the 80's. But I don't think everyone knows that they have a split LP. So, if you didn't know it, now you do and have the opportunity to listen to this master piece.
So Much Fun was released in 1984 by the Germans Weird System. The label's still around, re-issuing great German classics. I just don't know why they never worked on this record again. Especially because you can't find these Terveet Kädet songs anywhere else. The same goes for Itsemurha -a wonderful quiet song- from Kaaos, not even included on the (almost) Total Kaaos CD. Altought the others songs, excluding Onks Tää Elämää, are taken from the Ristiinaulittu Kaaos LP .
KAAOS & TERVEET KÄDET - So Much Fun Split LP '84 (Weird System )

Friday, 21 September 2007

ZYKLOME A - Made in Belgium LP

Zyklome A was a wonderful hardcore/Punk band from Belgium. They first appeared on the Belgian compilation Second Time Around. After that, they shared a great split 7" EP with Moral Demolition in 1983. Made in Belgium LP came up in 1984. On the follow year they participated on V.A. Alle 24 Goed! LP featuring Belgian bands. Also in 1985 they were on the classic international Cleanse the Bacteria compilation LP. All their recordings plus live sets are available on Noise and Distortion CD released by Grand Theft Audio in 1997.


ZYKLOME A - Made in Belgium LP '84 ( Punk Etc. - Torpo 1 )

Monday, 17 September 2007


I normally don't like compilations made by songs taken from already existent records, but this one is great. It Introduced me to some bands that I never heard before and yes, has some exclusive songs here too, as the Cólera tracks, I haven't heard these versions anywhere else.
I pretty much like all bands here. Fast and dirt HC from Huvudtvätt, Neos, Terveet Kädet, Rattus, rough tracks by Olho Seco, Cólera, some Anarcho Punk British style from Cult Maniax, Protest, Suicide and the South African Power Age. S.I.B is a Punk Rock band from Italy but the female singer doesn't sound Italian at all, very typical English indeed.
Another exclusive track comes from the German Upright Citizens, "Stormy Monday" , well, they already had that song on "V.A. Keine Experimente! LP '83" but was called "Gift To Europe" and of course with different lyrics. Plastick was a band featuring the guy behind the Xcentric Records & Tapes, the 2 songs here are very distinctive, one being a quiet peace Punk and the other a gloomy low tempo with genial vocal.
Xcentric Noise released many good records and tapes, like Huvudtvätt "Infection Grows" 7" EP, V.A. Raw War Tape, Cult Maniax 7" EPs , ... Check them out here

01- Huvudtvätt - HUVUDTVÄTT
02- American Dream - CULT MANIAX
03- No One Rules - S.I.B
04- Opposition To Violence - NEOS
05- Typical - NEOS
06- Swastika Rats - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
07- Nada - OLHO SECO
08- Violent Games - SUICIDE
09- Subúrbio Geral - CóLERA
10- Palpebrite - CóLERA
11- Races - PLASTICK
12- Vegeance of Youth- POWER AGE
13- In Feel Like Batman - PLASTICK
14- Troubles - PROTEST
15- Pissaa ja Paskaa - TERVEET KÄDET (track below is swapped on the cover list)
16- Haistelijat - TERVEET KÄDET
17- Stormy Monday - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
18- Stryk - HUVUDTVÄTT
19- Ren Logn -HUVUDTVÄTT
21- Castidade - OLHO SECO
22- Olho de Gato - OLHO SECO
23- Secret Life - S.I.B
24- Miks Haluat - RATTUS
25- Rummia Ruumita - RATTUS
26- Road To Nowhere - CULT MANIAX

V.A. BEATING THE MEAT LP '84 ( Xcentric Noise Recs & Tapes-ODD 1)

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

SÖTLIMPA - "Loften 7'' EP" + "A Non Fitting Generation 12"

If you love ASTA KASK and never heard SÖTLIMPA, be sure that your new passion will be this band. This is the best melodicpogopunkrock coming from Sweden. Alot of feeling, energy and power coming from these guys.
Their first release was "Kaka Till Middag" Demo Tape '82, (self release) very primitive Punk Rock, but still good, then in 1983 another tape called "On The Street Again" (AGG Tapes) and the first vinyl often called "Loften" (Self release). 3 tracks on V.A. "Raped Ass" Tape (AGG Tapes). In 1984 came the "A Non Fitting Generation" 12" EP released by a major label called Skvaller. 2 tracks "Raped Ass #3" Tape '85 + 2 Tracks on V.A. "Really Fast LP '85".
I decided to upload both vinyl here, they are very hard to find and if you find, be prepare to spend a good money on it. But is likely that you will find the CD Sötlimpa 1982-84 (AGG Tapes, including both vinyl and the tapes. Maybe is still available in Swedish shops.
I think the vocalist on the 7'' isn't the same of the 12", sound a bit different and on the line-up isn't the same name. DOWNLOAD HERE:SÖTLIMPA - Löften 7'' EP '83 (self release - SLA 001)


Sunday, 9 September 2007

VARAUS - Tuomittu Elämään EP

Varaus was one of the icons of the Finnish Hardcore Punk in the early 80's along with Kaaos, Riistetyt, Terveet Kädet, Bastards and so. But with an unique guitar structure and a well done vocalisation.
Unfortunately I don't own this record, I got the tracks from the semi-discography CD called "Requiem" and my friend Ameba Chaos provided me with the covers scan.
One of the reason I am posting this record is to find out if any of you out there own the first and only Varaus 12" EP (1/2 MLP) self released in 1982.
On Requiem CD we can only find 6 of the 9 tracks, I have the other tracks downloaded from soulseek but the quality is bad. So if anyone could post this record or let me know a link to, would be great.
Varaus also appear on V.A. "Hardcore '83" LP released by Propaganda Records and V.A. Yalta Hi-Life LP '84 released by Barabbas Records. Tracks included on Requiem CD, which was released by Kraklund. DOWNLOAD HERE:
VARAUS - Tuomittu Elämään EP 7" EP '83 (self-release - Raus 2)

Saturday, 8 September 2007

SHIKABANE - 1st 7" EP 人間に生まるること難し・・・

The year was 1997, my friends and I had just opened a squat. A new guy was also moving in and with him some cassette tapes. So, I was fixing something in my room when I heard music coming from this guy's room. It was Gauze, and I thought: "wow! I haven't heard that for while" (a few months maybe). Then a new band came up on that tape. It was Japanese like Gauze, tight like Gauze, but faster and shorter -not too short- just like a HC band should be. After 1, 2, 3 songs I had to ask what the name of that "atomic bomb" was, ironically coming from Japan. It was SHIKABANE. Needless to say that became the top band for that year.
I needed the record though, as the tape was missing some tracks. It only had 8, with the last one being incomplete! But at that time it wasn't so easy to hunt records like nowadays.
Although it was quite easy to get their next release, which was a split with AGATHOCLES (what a great record) both bands delivered a wicked fastloudpogotightcore. I was happy, but was still looking for the first single. Then came the wonderful 12"/ CD "Living for Someone or Living For Myself" released by MCR. Next came another single/MCD "Ego & Desire", where they started to change their style to a more dark direction, combining slow and fast tempos and even gloomy with the "Why Do You Live? LP".
Now the year was 2003, I'd lived in many squats, got loads of records, but still could't find that 1st Shikabane single, until -thanx to the internet world- I finally found it on the Circledelic shop in Japan. Of course I ordered it immediately, then I waited, waited, and nothing arrived. I told Shoko (the seller) and fortunately after a few weeks he got me another copy. Again I waited, waited and nothing. I knew Shoko wasn't a rip-off guy, I had bought records from him before and I trusted him. Then it came to me: I asked him to what address he had sent the parcel to and, bingo! He hadn't updated my address and it was sent to an old squat. I had to knock on the new tenants door and ask about the record, luckily they found one of the copies. I believe the first copy was wasted by the kids as I heard the mother asking one of them about it; that she'd seen them playing with a "CD" that had Japanese writing on it. And so I finally put my hands on the first, and very hard to get, Shikabane 7'' EP. DOWNLOAD HERE:
SHIKABANE - 1st 7" EP 人間に生まるること難し・・'96 ( self release [?] )

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I first got it on tape when I used to trade recordings. When I saw it on a friend of mine list I thought it was samples taken from already existent albums. A compilation featuring a line up like DISORDER, CHAOS UK, RIPCORD, E.N.T.,... wouldn't be possible I've reckoned, but as soon as got it from the mail I put it on the tape deck and for my good surprise I was wrong, brand new recording of old songs by Disorder, Chaos U.K., played faster and I got shocked when listen to E.N.T.'s "Bullshit Propaganda". I am not sure if all recordings are exclusive for this album, but I like this compilation from the beginning to the end. Many years later I was in shock again when I was in a record shop and I saw this vinyl, it was the first time that I came across to the cover picture, of course I bought it immediately.
01. Overproduction - DISORDER
02. Kill Your Baby - CHAOS U.K.
03. Senile Fools - CONCRETE SOX
04. Single Ticket To Hell - RIPCORD
05. Coconut Song - VICIOUS CIRCLE
06. Ultracore - CCM
07. Bullshit Propaganda - EXTREME NOISE TERROR
09. Oldest Trick on The Book - GENERIC
10. Slumber Party - THE STUPIDS
11. Firing Line - DEPRAVED
12. Truth - BAD DRESS
13. Mr. Parkinson - DR & THE CRIPPENS
14. The Fairer Sex - CIVILISED SOCIETY?
15. Face The Facts - EYES ON YOU
16. Miserable Bastards -POTENTIAL THREAT
17. Pig For Slaughter - OI POLLOI

V.A. DIGGING IN WATER LP '87 (Manic Ears Records - ACHE 3/GURT 20)

DISORDER - Mental Disorder EP

There are few reasons why I'm posting this record:
1st because I went to Bournemouth (English south coast) last weekend to watch a gig and once again I met Taf (Disorder's bass guitar) and we were chatting about the band for while;
2nd because I was watching a Brazilian movie called "Bicho de Sete Cabeças" (Brainstorm) which is about a middle-class teenager, who lives a normal life until his father sends him to a mental institution;
3rd because I think this is the best Disorder's release and they are a fucking wicked band.
Disorder still playing but I'd rather call it "Taf and his 'band' " than Disorder. Sometimes he puts some good guys together and something good comes out of this but sometimes it is just a tragedy. Since 1998 I've watched some good and some terrible gigs.
I wish I could see Boobs (the singer on this record) joining the vocals again but he still in Spain serving years in jail. Apparently, Steve (guitar) is in Holland, dunno if still involved with Punk. Virus (drummer) just don't care about Punk anymore.
I fucking like the cover of this record, the front drawing is hilarious, the back cover you can find the lyrics and a note that says:
"The Rampton Song is dedicated to Martin who used to play drums for Amebix. He was arrested by the police whilst walking along a pavement. The 'offence' was strange behaviour. He was put under observation in the psychiatric ward of the Royal 'free' (joke) Hospital in London, He was held for two months and released...Their game didn't work, he kept his sanity."
Also, keeping the Disorder spirit, there is a mess on the track list on the cover and on the label of the record between "Maternal Obsession" and "Bullshit Everyone" where they are swapped.
"Mental Disorder was recorded on october 1982 and released on 1983 by "Order Records" which was in fact Riot City Records, I mean, Order Records was created by the Riot City Records boss Simon Edwards only to release Disorder's records.

DISORDER - Mental Disorder 7'' EP '83 (Order #4)

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