OLHO SECO - Botas Fuzis Capacetes

I believe many people first heard of Olho Seco when listen to the Maximum Rock'n'Roll V.A. "Welcome To 1984 LP" where they blasted with the second track after the killer TERVEET KÄDET leaving you breathless. But by that time they already have released this first single, taking part on a tape compilation featuring bands around the world called "Raw War" realeased by Xcentric Noise, also the infamous live V.A. "O Começo do Fim do Mundo" LP, but before that they were on the first ever Brazilian Punk 12'' "Grito Suburbano" shared with CÓLERA and INOCENTES, dated of 1982 also released by Punk Rock Discos which was run by Fábio, Olho Seco's singer.
There is cool interview from a Brazilian zine called S.P. Punk translated for the site KILL FROM THE HEART: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~cch223/brazil/info/olhoseco_SPinter.html
Also on Kill From The Heart you can find a discography as well. Still possible to get some Olho Seco's CDs at Brazilian shops, ebay, and some distros. This single is very rare and expensive if you find it, but these tracks here and many more are included on the split with FOGO CRUZADO and BRIGADA DE ÓDIO, worth to have it.


ameba chaos said…
This is one of my fav bands...raw shit from sao paulo mate!!!
You, my friend, have a fucking great blog. Consider yourself added.

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