JUDGEMENT - Just Be CD 2000

Just Be is the only CD (a mini CD) and last release of the Japanese band Judgement. Like the previous releases, they got changes on the line-up, this time a female bass player joined the band after the departure of Iizawa and to the vocals and lyrics they got the legendary Lip Cream's vocalist Jhaja.
It took me while to get into this album which is quite different from the singles. More melody on the clear vocals, nothing like Lip Cream was and female back vocals are included too. Sure I've expected more but still worth to have it.DOWNLOAD:
JUDGEMENT - Just Be CD 2000 (HG-Fact / HG-127)


Malisha Old 666 said…
Thanks so fukken much for this!
I've never had anything by them on vinyl and only had shitty low quality mp3s. I'm dl-ing this right away. Thanks.

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