V.A. Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83 + CD edition

I first got this Swedish compilation back on the old times of trading tapes. I immediately got hooked with many bands on it, such as Sabotage 81, Adrenalin, Rolands Gosskör, Livin' Sacrifice and D.N.A. delivering great Punk Rock songs and, of course, the amazing Asta Kask throwing two new recordings of the old songs "Landsplikt" and "Demokrati"exclusive for this compilation. But the highest point for me is one of my favorites bands of all time, Anti Cimex first song "Eibon" is just over a minute and is in the same vein of the Really Fast and Raped Ass era. The second song "Heroindöd" is a different and slow version of the one released on the Anarkist Attack 7" EP '81, just great! Check out the lyric translation in the comments.
So, when I finally put my hands on the vinyl, I realized that the last two songs on my tape were missing and I had passed years without listen to Nyx Negativ.
Years later (1994?) Rosa honung Records released a digitalized version of this compilation. I don't know why they've excluded Anti Cimex, Rolands Gosskör and Nyx Negativ out of the CD, but they've included Strebers, Tredje Könet, Extrem Exem, Zynthslakt and Raw Animal which makes worth to have both versions.
Oh yeah, Raw Animal was also on the vinyl version but under the name Hjärndöd, playing a slightly different version of "Jag Är Desperat".
Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83 (Rosa Honung Records - RosaLP10)
01. Sabotage 81 - Det är bara USA
02. Sabotage 81 - Meningslöst liv
03. Sabotage 81 - 1994
04. Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna - Jehovas vittnen
05. Anti Cimex - Eibon
06. Anti Cimex - Heroindöd
07. Livin' Sacrifice - Jag lever
08. Adrenalin - Adrenalin
09. Rolands Gosskör - Grossen Franco // Maktbegär
10. Hjärndöd - Jag är desperat
11. Asta Kask - Demokrati
12. Asta Kask - Landsplikt
13. D.N.A. - 4000000000 döda kroppar
14. Nyx Negativ - Nyromantiker
15. Nyx Negativ - Idioterna

Vägra För Helvete! - CD edition (Rosa Honung Records - RosaCD10)
01. Sabotage 81 - Det är bara U.S.A
02. Sabotage 81 - 8 miljoner datorer
03. Sabotage 81 - Meningslöst liv
04. Sabotage 81 - 1994
05. Strebers - Till en vän
06. Sune Studs och Grönlandsrockarna - Jehovas vittnen
07. Livin' Sacrifice - Mentalsjuk
08. Livin' Sacrifice - Jag lever
09. Adrenalin - Adrenalin
10. Raw Animal - Jag är desperat
11. Raw Animal - Bensin & Lim
12. Tredje Könet - Valium
13. Asta Kask - Demokrati
14. Asta Kask - Landsplikt
15. Extrem Exem - Eget Liv
16. Zynthslakt - Religion blood
17. Zynthslakt - Land of war
18. D.N.A. - 4000000000 döda kroppar


Jason said…
I can't believe it, this is amazing, not only one but the 2 versions of a hard to find compilation.
Thanx alot.
Yes, thanks a lot for this mate, this was one of the first punk records that got back at school when I started listening to punk. Haven't heard this in years...except the 'Cimex tarcks which I have seperately and listen to very often!

Hail to Sweden!
Blom said…
Cool that you put up the LP version, 'cus I just have the CD.
J.N said…
Thank you so much for both versions, espec the Lp version! I love you! :)
Patricia said…
Eibon Eibon Eibooon!
Could you Swedidh guys write and translate this short lyrics of Anti Cimex please? :-)
A kick ass song!
His life messed up when he was 12 /
Shoplifting, [glue] sniffing but got caught /
And had to go move from place to place/
It has not made his life any better/
Hi life was like a stop-signal /
He started to smoke hashish when he was 15 /
That's why he had to steal handbags /
And then he got sent to youth offenders school /
To be a criminal is very hard /
His life has been like a stop-signal /
He took his first fix when he was 17 /
After this day he was [death-]doomed
The murdering heroin that murdered him /
Have murdered many more than him /
The dealers are not humans /
They who made his life into a stop-signal /"

get me the swedish text for the other one and i'll translate that too...
Wow! I'm impressed. "Heroindöd" is a great lyric, probably the best Anti Cimex's of that time.
Eibon should be easy, is only 2 lines.
Thanx alot Tony.
Yes I know, but I am not even sure what the Swedish words are!

I always assumed for some strange reasons that Eibon was the name of a company. Wikipedia says not: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eibon

Also I seem to remember something about some bands (possibly including Anti Cimex) being pretty pissed off by Rosa Honung Records which may explain why they refused to be on the CD version...also the Cimex tracks on here are from the same session as the ones onm Really Fast.
Nekro said…
wow! I know some bands and when seeing this compiling seems to me interesting… jejejeje! it will unload it. Excuse by my " ingles" but I am Chilean u.u must use translator jajaja, congratulate friend to you, like the peculiarities of those discs, are bands that I do not know for anything:) Much greetings from Chile
toxik boys said…
your blog is really great

capitalicide said…
this comp is so damn good

hey can you post this on yer blog for me? im trying to get it out as mutch as possible!
i play in this band germ attak and this my new band,No Solution. we just put out a 21-track tape.its all covers so far.its better than name dropping your influeneces hehehe..
these are the songs covered:

fight for freedom (existenz)
don't forget the chaos (exploited
arms race (bgk)
castidade (olho seco)
blodig stad (absurd)
victimized (chaos uk)
317 nitter (enola gay)
attacco (eu's arse)
fear of war (dr. know)
the plague (the sinyx)
disinfect (headcleaners)
fuck the tories (riot squad)
la nuit noire (berurier noir)
outo maa (terveet kadet)
don't give up (bristles)
ain't no feeble bastard (discharge
doomsday troops (e.a.t.e.r.)
tio timmar (moderat likvidation
attack (rappresaglia)
uskonsota (kaaos)
another religion,another war (varukers)

you listen to all the songs here: ( this link might expire)
if that link doesnt work,try:
please spread these mp3s as much as possible. i also included a printable demo-tape cover.

also heres another local band's demo ,"Schizophasia" ..

if that link doesnt work,try:
its 4 songs of confuse meets hawkwind brutality...
let me know what you think!
Swill said…
Hey man, love the blog, link us back?

rayss said…
great blog thanks for the music
ray ss
volpe20041977 said…
Hi, can u please reupload these ones??? I just can't find them anywhere... and the mediafire link is over... thanx and cheers from italy

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