CÓLERA - Dê o Fora 7" EP '86

This is so far the only Cólera's studio 7" EP . It was released by the Belgians Hageland Records before the first Cólera's European tour in 1987.
This Brazilian band still going on since 1979 and still playing great shows with the same energy.
If you have a chance to see them, don't miss it.
Not as furious hardcore as Olho Seco -where they share two members in the line up- Cólera plays a sing along Punk Rock that reminds me of Lama, Asta Kask, Razzia.
Redson, guitar/singer, also had a label which released important Punk albums such as SUB Compilation LP, Cólera- Tente Mudar LP, Ataque Sonoro Compilation LP... and many more.
An interesting fact is that three songs from this 7" have been re-released in Cólera's Pela Paz CD as bonus tracks, letting out "HC-Oi-Punk", which talks about an unified scene between Hardcores, Punks and Skins. I guess the reason why they dropped that song is due to the extreme political differences created by Punks and Skins in the 90's, maybe.DOWNLOAD HERE:
CÓLERA - Dê o Fora 7'' EP '86 (Hageland Records - 001)


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this is the one cólera record i could never find...
and thats a killer lama shirt, ive got the same one!
Anonymous said…
killer, thanks man. loving this blog lately,,,,!
Punk said…
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Anonymous said…
So classic - don't see this record around much at all-very glad to find it! Thanks!

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