TERVEET KÄDET - Anno Domini 7'' EP '89

After a whole week of work, yesterday night I went out to drink and today I have the usual hangover. So I ain't on the mood to write.
But whatever, you already know, Terveet Kädet is a great band and you wont be disappointed with this single. 7:30 minutes of very well done Scandinavian Hardcore/Punk.
Would be great if any Finnish expert could translate what they are singing here. I know the lyrics are normally about sadomasochism.
TERVEET KÄDET - Anno Domini 7'' EP '89 (Ikbals-013)


This is great. I'm on the case with the translations...
Here we are:

anno domini
blind leads the blind

oxygen (will be) finished
take a bomb and explode
you've come from the earth (as they say when you're lying dead in the coffin and they put a bit of sand on your new home)

Not much S&M in this one!
Kummari said…
This was sliced off from the unreleased LP (1987), which was released in three parts... i think. A.W. Yrjänä from CMX was in the band and you can really hear that. I recommend CMX's recordings 1985-1989. It was the only band i know that mixed philosophical / mythological / metaphysical lyrics with HC.
Precious informations, cheers.

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