EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Rehearsal 18.02.87

The reason why this blog is called "Carry On Screaming" is because Disorder and Extreme Noise Terror have a song with that name. But when I listened to this killer version I really decided to use the name.
E.N.T. here deliver 4 tracks with the furious that you haven't heard before. The recording is quite good for a practice and I'm surprised that it's never been on vinyl.
Mick Harris (Napalm Death) is featuring in this recording as well as the video below.
Extreme Noise Terror - Live in Burladingen 1988

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Rehearsal 18.02.1987
01- Show Us You Care
02- Carry On Screaming
03- Bullshit Propaganda
04- Only In It For The Music pt.2


Anonymous said…
Great Mick!!!!
Andy said…
Great vocals on Carry on Screaming, fucking well synchronized. How good this band was!
Pogel said…
I thought you were a Scream fan.
7inchcrust said…
hey Ratoseco, whats going on?
did you give it up?
no man!
Anonymous said…
thanks a lot!
carry on....
Anonymous said…
HEHEHE Maybe I'll release that soundboard ND gig, seems that my rehearsal has finally started circulating through soulseek once I let it out in 2006. Crazy to see that starting to get around - cheers!

Great blog!!!!

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