This LP released by Pusmort combine 2 greats EPs from 1985. On A side we have the Germans INFERNO with Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm [translate to The Silence Before The Storm] EP (Rise & Fall Records).On B side the Japanese EXECUTE with Blunt Sleazy (Spook Records).

EXECUTE + INFERNO - Split LP '86 (Pusmort 0012-06)


winston said…
nice one,i saw this come up on ebay not so long ago,quickly went out of my price range,so thanks for posting great post
nice! was waitingforthat since you told me you´ll post it! AMEN!
ameba chaos said…
great record
Anonymous said…
i used to play this on my radio show. haven't heard it in ten years. thank!
cultureshot66 said…
Ta for that... i had this on tape in the day, i'll see if it still sounds god to my ear.
Anonymous said…
I bought this record way back when I still had all my brain cells. At that time I bought it for the equivalent of about $2. I'm currently selling most of my hard core punk albums and 7" and I admid I'm sometimes shocked at the prices people dare to ask or are willing to pay for albums like this which I used to pick out of the bargin bins cause nobody wanted them when they came out. Anyway thanx for sharing the music I'm glad things like this are still availeble to everyone with out the sometimes ridiculous price tags. On the other hand since I'm gonna use half of the proceeds to give to a animal welfare organisation, who am I to complain about the silly money that's being payed. But it's a bit strange to think that punk records like this which were sold for the lowest possible price are now something of an investment. NOT VERY PUNK AND ANTI ESTABLISMENT IS IT.
Harold Herrie.

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