I first got it on tape when I used to trade recordings. When I saw it on a friend of mine list I thought it was samples taken from already existent albums. A compilation featuring a line up like DISORDER, CHAOS UK, RIPCORD, E.N.T.,... wouldn't be possible I've reckoned, but as soon as got it from the mail I put it on the tape deck and for my good surprise I was wrong, brand new recording of old songs by Disorder, Chaos U.K., played faster and I got shocked when listen to E.N.T.'s "Bullshit Propaganda". I am not sure if all recordings are exclusive for this album, but I like this compilation from the beginning to the end. Many years later I was in shock again when I was in a record shop and I saw this vinyl, it was the first time that I came across to the cover picture, of course I bought it immediately.
01. Overproduction - DISORDER
02. Kill Your Baby - CHAOS U.K.
03. Senile Fools - CONCRETE SOX
04. Single Ticket To Hell - RIPCORD
05. Coconut Song - VICIOUS CIRCLE
06. Ultracore - CCM
07. Bullshit Propaganda - EXTREME NOISE TERROR
09. Oldest Trick on The Book - GENERIC
10. Slumber Party - THE STUPIDS
11. Firing Line - DEPRAVED
12. Truth - BAD DRESS
13. Mr. Parkinson - DR & THE CRIPPENS
14. The Fairer Sex - CIVILISED SOCIETY?
15. Face The Facts - EYES ON YOU
16. Miserable Bastards -POTENTIAL THREAT
17. Pig For Slaughter - OI POLLOI

V.A. DIGGING IN WATER LP '87 (Manic Ears Records - ACHE 3/GURT 20)


zeroid said…
hello !
Thanks for posting this,I have it on vinyl, but have no player at the mo. Can listen again - cool!
One of the records (along with Stupids and the stuff that Peel used to play) that got me back into H/c + Punk again - it's all 'noisy' but theres a good variety of sounds on here - C.C.M.,Sox, Bad Dress Sense are my faves.
Anonymous said…
Fuckin' love this blog! Remember buying this lp DEAD MINT in '91 at a record convention (when such things still existed)...a purchase made solely for the lineup!

And spekaing of Disorder...that same convention I got what I guess to be the original version of Complete Disorder (12") on Riot City...with color cover of Ronnie an Thatcher. Never saw that version ever again.

Got both records for an even 20 bucks...traded Digging, still have Disorder! --S
winston said…
aint seen this for years,takes me back to my teenage years,nice blog by the way,thanks for adding me to your links,i,ve just added you to mine..takecare
Dystralte said…
Great To hear this again. This comp introduced me to a lot of great English HC, courtesy of COR and Manic Ears, as well as CCM and BGK. I have Tim and MRR to thank for filling in the holes.

Living in Virginia, it wasn't easy finding good music. Sure, I could get Misfits, Dagnasty and the Dead Milkmen (ugh) tapes, but it wasn't until I acquired my first MRR that I had a wider access to the real underground DIY scene.

The Dr and the Crippens song was always one of my favorites. Thanks for the post, this site is great!!
Cool Dytralte, this is the kind of comment we'd like to hear.
Bring it on.
John Liedown said…
Used to love thi comp. Ripcord inparticu;ar who were a fine band. Nice post
Whoa, the first 8 ones are superb for obvious reasons, enough reason to buy this actually. But then what happened? A few ok ones, that Parkinson track is completely retarded (excuse the pun) with its changing tempos and subject matter, then the comp picks up again and ends on a relatively so-so Oi Polloi. Thanks for sharing!!!
I'd say the first 9 songs, as Generic is a killer. More you listen to this compilation more you get to like it, but I agree that Dr. & The Crippers song is weak. The Oi Polloi's reminds me of "Head Over Heels" by The Go Go's :D
durruti said…
Thanks for this - my vinyl's been missing in action for many years!

And thanks for the link - I'll return the compliment when I update my list ;-)
ray ss said…
please upload this again i wouldlove to hear it
thanks for all the music
k3 said…
Again Thanx, i do have this lp but no means of playing it at the mo.. Generic/sox being the best of the bunch in my oppo, just love to get a download of some Pleasant Valley Children. Great Blog m8 cheers again. Keep it up. Andy
kinzabro said…
Greatest comp ever! Bought this comp when I was 13 and most of the bands are still my lifetime favorites! Thanks!!!!!
Carl said…
I also have this LP on vinyl with no method of playing with it so i was delighted to find this site and be able to listen to it again, thanks!
Insert added too.
Anonymous said…
Have this record for sale...excellent condition...can send a photo if needed. Also have the compilation North Atlantic Noise Attack (2xLP) and many more.
If anyone interested send me an e-mail for complete list to: mind41@gmail.com

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