I normally don't like compilations made by songs taken from already existent records, but this one is great. It Introduced me to some bands that I never heard before and yes, has some exclusive songs here too, as the Cólera tracks, I haven't heard these versions anywhere else.
I pretty much like all bands here. Fast and dirt HC from Huvudtvätt, Neos, Terveet Kädet, Rattus, rough tracks by Olho Seco, Cólera, some Anarcho Punk British style from Cult Maniax, Protest, Suicide and the South African Power Age. S.I.B is a Punk Rock band from Italy but the female singer doesn't sound Italian at all, very typical English indeed.
Another exclusive track comes from the German Upright Citizens, "Stormy Monday" , well, they already had that song on "V.A. Keine Experimente! LP '83" but was called "Gift To Europe" and of course with different lyrics. Plastick was a band featuring the guy behind the Xcentric Records & Tapes, the 2 songs here are very distinctive, one being a quiet peace Punk and the other a gloomy low tempo with genial vocal.
Xcentric Noise released many good records and tapes, like Huvudtvätt "Infection Grows" 7" EP, V.A. Raw War Tape, Cult Maniax 7" EPs , ... Check them out here

01- Huvudtvätt - HUVUDTVÄTT
02- American Dream - CULT MANIAX
03- No One Rules - S.I.B
04- Opposition To Violence - NEOS
05- Typical - NEOS
06- Swastika Rats - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
07- Nada - OLHO SECO
08- Violent Games - SUICIDE
09- Subúrbio Geral - CóLERA
10- Palpebrite - CóLERA
11- Races - PLASTICK
12- Vegeance of Youth- POWER AGE
13- In Feel Like Batman - PLASTICK
14- Troubles - PROTEST
15- Pissaa ja Paskaa - TERVEET KÄDET (track below is swapped on the cover list)
16- Haistelijat - TERVEET KÄDET
17- Stormy Monday - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
18- Stryk - HUVUDTVÄTT
19- Ren Logn -HUVUDTVÄTT
21- Castidade - OLHO SECO
22- Olho de Gato - OLHO SECO
23- Secret Life - S.I.B
24- Miks Haluat - RATTUS
25- Rummia Ruumita - RATTUS
26- Road To Nowhere - CULT MANIAX

V.A. BEATING THE MEAT LP '84 ( Xcentric Noise Recs & Tapes-ODD 1)


Anonymous said…
WMA???????? Arghhhh!!! Ps. the Sotlimpa works.
winston said…
i,ve been trying to get hold of this comp again for years,thank you,great post
(nuclear armed hogs)
John Liedown said…
ain't seen this in a while. Nice post.
Pogel said…
The cover looks just like a Headcleaners ep. Great music.
Front cover by Pushhead
Anonymous said…
if you upload also Raw War compilation of Xcentric will be nice!
mikael said…
Love this one. Great blogg. I've got more ugly Squaws-stuff, will post it later.

Anonymous said…

Could you please re-up it????
Anonymous said…
Hi, my first time here, excellent blog, I've added it to my bookmarks; thanx for this comp & the Inferno / Execute split!
Fernando :)
Anonymous said…
wow man, that's really, really cool!
i used to own this record and played it to death (literally). thanks so much for making this available here! it brings back many good (and some bad) memories.
what i love about this one is the variety of styles, while fitting together really well. all really good songs.
Anonymous said…
Any one know how much this LP is worth in mint- cover VG + please I have a friend that would like to sell I would like to buy!!

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