SÖTLIMPA - "Loften 7'' EP" + "A Non Fitting Generation 12"

If you love ASTA KASK and never heard SÖTLIMPA, be sure that your new passion will be this band. This is the best melodicpogopunkrock coming from Sweden. Alot of feeling, energy and power coming from these guys.
Their first release was "Kaka Till Middag" Demo Tape '82, (self release) very primitive Punk Rock, but still good, then in 1983 another tape called "On The Street Again" (AGG Tapes) and the first vinyl often called "Loften" (Self release). 3 tracks on V.A. "Raped Ass" Tape (AGG Tapes). In 1984 came the "A Non Fitting Generation" 12" EP released by a major label called Skvaller. 2 tracks "Raped Ass #3" Tape '85 + 2 Tracks on V.A. "Really Fast LP '85".
I decided to upload both vinyl here, they are very hard to find and if you find, be prepare to spend a good money on it. But is likely that you will find the CD Sötlimpa 1982-84 (AGG Tapes www.eggtapes.nu), including both vinyl and the tapes. Maybe is still available in Swedish shops.
I think the vocalist on the 7'' isn't the same of the 12", sound a bit different and on the line-up isn't the same name. DOWNLOAD HERE:SÖTLIMPA - Löften 7'' EP '83 (self release - SLA 001)



amebapunk said…
Man...I just love this band...nothing more to say.
yeah me too, absurdly tho i could not get one of these to play despite seemingly unpacking ok and that i can "see" the mp3-files in the folder - my iTunes refuse to add 'em however. But this happens sometimes so will redownload em and see what happens.

are you going to the mob 47 gig? kinda see the point with all the criticism they get for playing again but i don't care - i wanna see em anyway!

So Order played in London? yeez, london is so fucked up when it comes to these things - i always hear about stuff a longtime after the event - had this been elsewhere you would know about EVERY damn band coming through...oh well

Why don't you upload the Order LP, please please? ha ha ha, seriously keep hearing it is good so...

Slobodan Burgher, sure I am going to see MOB 47, there is no way I'd miss it.
ORDER played here in 2003, wild show, I have good pictures of that.
upload the LP? like the Japanese say: "- uhhhh, maybe, I don't" hahaha.
Tonight there will be a good gig: INEPSY from Canada.
See ya at MOB 47 though.
Hey, by the way, I was writing to Order to try to do some interview for my fanzine, perhaps I could borrow some of those pictures you mentioned?
Be my guess. I will scan the pictures and send it to you, like uploading to mediafire.
Mates said…
Can you upload something else from this band?? KAKA TILL MIDDAG tape (1982) or ON THE STREET AGAIN tape (Ägg, 1983) or both??? please ..
Anonymous said…
Hey, I couldn't get a single on of these tracks to play either. Unpacked fine but did nothing. Quite keen to get them - missed the discog CD a few years back. Any chance you could redo them?

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