DISORDER - Air Raid / Law and Disorder 7" EP '80

Yes this IS the first Disorder's single, but, NO, this Is NOT the Bristol's Disorder, Yes they also come from England, but from Sunderland (near Newcastle). What a Disorder, innet?
Formed in 1978 as Cranium Disorder, then shorted the name to Disorder in 1979.
This single was released in April 1980 by Ace Records. 750 copies were made, only 100 with picture cover. Which has a funny story. On Detour Records you can find more about them as their second single Reality Crisis and the unreleased 3rd which was included on the compilation Bored Teenage LP.The first single was also part of the bootleg Cheap and Nasty Vol. 1 LP, 600 copies made with many rare 7". On that LP back cover you also can read the story about the cover sleeve:
"One of the bands grand fathers was a W.W.1 veteran and extremely patriotic who collected books and memorabilia ect on the war. To say he was gutted when his grandson, ripped out a page to make the record sleeve, from one of his most treasured books is an understatement!..." "The tracks were published by 'Criminal Injury Publishers', because whilst the band were playing a gig, the drummer was shot in the eye with an air-gun and they used the compensation to finance the record."Kill By Death blog also have posted this single, but only upload the first track -sorry but I like Law and Disorder pretty much, couldn't let it out- Mark Rough, the singer of the band also made a comment over there, check it out.DOWNLOAD HERE:
DISORDER - Air Raid / Law and Disorder 7" EP '80 (Ace Records - ACE 012A)


Pogel said…
Thanks I was looking forward to hearing the B-Side.
Yeah, agree. See as many people (I assume) I always thought (well pre-internet days) that this was "the other" Disorder. This one is currently going for an astronomical £425 on eBay by the way. Thanks.
Denise said…
Interesting to know.

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