JUDGEMENT - No Reason Why EP '96

This is the first release of the Japanese band JUDGEMENT which was born from the ashes of Death Side, Bastard and Cruck.
It was recorded at the great Our House studio and produced by HG-Fact Records so you can expect an excellent quality of record, only two tracks of pure Burning Spirit.
It was released at Christmas 1996 -would be a great Christmas present- Followed by the Process 7" EP that I will post next.DOWNLOAD:
JUDGEMENT - No Reason Why EP '96 (HG-Fact / HG-071)


well, since the demise of DEATH SIDE in the 90's no other band(in my humble opinion) was able to rise to the high levels of brilliant hardcore punk burning spirit style like JUDGEMENT did. again,sadness was spread all over the punk land when they TOO split up not that long ago.

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