HEADCLEANERS - Disinfection 7" EP '81

Although you've probably seen this posted in other blogs, I've decided to post my second pressing of Disinfection by HEADCLEANERS. Well, actually they started the band as HUVUDTVÄTT in 1981 when the brothers Nilsson left the Swedish city of Sundsvalls to Linköping breaking up the great band MASSMEDIA.
Headcleaners were their attempt to reach the international market recording in English.
For more informations go to www.swedishpunk.com
HEADCLEANERS - Disinfection 7" EP '81 [1990] (1000dB - 001)


J.N said…
Tack som fan!
rayss said…
hey can you make rar of the video so i can save it on my computer please
thanks for the great music
ray ss
Henk said…
sveriges bästa band.
love this band. great post

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