JYUDEN SOUCHI (充電装置) - "Deadline" Flexi 7" EP '86

Again after a long time, I'm back. Who knows if I will keep it on track?
Anyhow, I present you 充電装置 (JYUDEN SOUCHI) another great rare Japanese band which I know almost nothing about apart the second flexi 8" EP Voice of Fight and few live tracks on the V.A. Corruption LP from 1988. If you only heard them from the compilation, I think you'll be delighted to hear the good studio production of Deadline, Go Destroy and Smash Up.
In fact this flexible 7" is amazing from the beginning to the end. Solid japancore.
Obs.: This record was also available on a great bootleg LP " You Can Set The Dove Free..." among The Sexual, So What and Crow. DOWNLOAD:
JYUDEN SOUCHI (充電装置) - "Deadline" Flexi 7" EP '86 (Half Alive Records / HAR-003)


Toxik Boys said…
Thanks!, I didn't know this band.
Leo said…
FUCKIN AWESOME! sounds like English Dogs... haha... Japanese Dogs
This is fuckin awesome man! really diggin it. gonna keep checkin out your blog
Ameba Chaos said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ameba Chaos said…
Hey mate..my blog's starting to kick in! MP3's available and all that...check it out!
ido said…
Very glad to see you back. And with more Japanese hardcore. Thanks!

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