Toxic Noise + Damnable Excite Zombies! Split 7" EP '93

Kick Out The Real Pain is the name of this 7" split EP released at the end of 1993 by the almighty Japanese label MCR Company.
These two Japanese bands play fast, tight and chaotic Japancore that may leave you listen to them over and over for some time.
D.E.Z. previously got a split flexi 7" EP on MCR Company with the Finnish AMEN and a full 7" EP called Suck Your Soul on the German label Amok Records and distributed in Japan by MCR Company. They also contributed in two compilations: Under The Cloudy Sky 7" EP and Fucking Noise Terror CD. There is a demo from the same set of this 7" EP with 8 songs.
TOXIC NOISE has a weird demo from 1992 called Hell Night, a flexi 7" EP split with SHOKA FRYO (to be posted in the future), a song on the classic V.A. BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH!- Son of bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!! 7" EP. Let me know if they have anything else.DOWNLOAD:
Toxic Noise + Damnable Excite Zombies! Split 7'' EP (MCR-065)
Video uploaded by the singer


aNDy said…
James said…
Thanks! Looking forward to hearing this one!
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to the Toxic Noise demo. Some interesting vocals going on in that band!

Thanks a lot for putting this up... I've been trying to track down all of the D.E.Z. stuff.
Zach said…
DEZ is one of the best, fucking period. I sent a message to their singer's Youtube account saying that I want to do a discography CD, but he hasn't logged into his account for 2 months, but let's hope he does sooner or later...
Anonymous said…
Toxic noise are much better band on this split.
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