REVOLUCION X - Política y Esparcimiento... 7" EP '95

This is the second and last Revolucion X's release and as the first one it is all about Latin American subjects. Panama, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil are part of their criticism. Also another great sarcastic song, this time about Mexican TV and the funny Julio Iglesias Disecado (Stuffed Julio Iglesias).
It was released by Alarma Records and Martin's (LOS CRUDOS) label Lengua Armada.
REVOLUCION X - Política y Esparcimiento... 7'' EP '95 (Lengua Armada 3 / Alarma 7)


Anonymous said…
thanks for putting this ep up, i never heard it before and totally love the 1st ep. Cheers MrWanky
Diego said…
Disecado means dissected, I think it makes more sense here... great release!
Sam said…
I got thione from Martin, it's raging and like the first 7" it stillhas a home in my collection!!!!!
alistair said…
SO AWESOME! I'm making my future with the border patrol slays.

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