RÖVSVETT - Hunden beskyddar människan, men vem beskyddar hunden Demo Tape '84

I saw this demo somewhere with the blog family, but I will post it again, actually I should stop thinking that I shouldn't post something that someone already did, why not? This is my blog, this is my rip and this is for all of you. I just don't like when people clone blogs and don't even mention where about they got it from. But...
Well, Rövsvett first demo, as good as the first two 7" EP "Jesus Var En Tomte" and "Ett Psykiskt Drama I 7 Akter", after those, they had slowdown and started making some week music, accept for the split with Raped Teenage. But they got back with full energy in 1996 when released "Burn The Gay Nuns" CD a tribute To Poison Idea a band they worship. Since then, Rövsvett keep releasing great albums and "Kicked Ass" CD is a prove of that. And some more keep coming.
RÖVSVETT - Demo Tape '84


yeah probably one of them swedish blogs.

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