Totalitär never been so D-Beat as they are on this album, 8 tracks of pure Discharge, Discard worship.
Dismachine are there too, but occasionally changing to a blast beat. At first it might sounds weird, but you D-Beat lovers wont think they have destroyed your ears but only the drums kit. DOWNLOAD:
TOTALITÄR + DISMACHINE - Split LP '95 (Your Own Jailer Records - JAH-006)


thanks for this one!
Buck said…
Greatness. Thanks for the upload!
7inchcrust said…
this is Dis! thanks!

ps:you have to change some settings here:when click to comment,the pop up works the the same time the main page
opens to comment page..
Andy said…
Totalitar is total d-beat on dis recording. wicked
kktz said…
hi, just to say thanx for your comment, glad you like my blog, i am adding yours to my list. i am a bit slow, keep it crusty.
masken said…
Thanx alot for this one! I have the vinyl, but now I also have it in my mp3 player. Great Blog btw. Keep it up
Abraham said…
Hey bro
Could you please upload it again?

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