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GAS - Reincarnation LP '86

This is the only LP released by the Japanese GAS, and compiles the songs from the 7" split EP '84 with Niku-Dan + the 12" EP '85 "Sweet Emotion" + 4 unreleased tracks also from 1985. Different from the previous releases, the music here is more structural, something that will reminds you of Gastunk and there is a reason for it: on Sweet Emotion they count on with the magic guitar of Tatsu from Gastunk. But not to let you down, the next guitarist -Norio- also follows the great wizard delivering great guitar solos. DOWNLOAD HERE:
GAS - Reincarnation LP '86 (Captain Records - CAP-0014-L)

RIISTETYT - Nightmare in Darkness LP '84

I guess you don't see this album everyday around the net.
Nightmare in Darkness LP was released by the German Rock-O-Rama Records before releasing Raped The Future LP.
The A side is a studio recording where Riistetyt attempt to do English versions of their old songs. The B side is a good live recording from the Puntala Rock Festival 1983. Although the titles are translated to English, the live recording is in Finnish.DOWNLOAD HERE:
RIISTETYT - Nightmare in Darkness LP '84 (Rock-O-Rama Records - RRR 34)