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Friday, 25 January 2008

THE SEXUAL - Complete discography '83-85 CD

A few time ago when I was checking Serotoninronin blog, I came across to a great Japanese band that I've never heard before called At Det, which reminds me a lot of Crow, Kuro and The Sexual. Then I thought, why not post The Sexual discography?
And here we go. You get the first flexi 7" EP "Suicide" from 1984, the second flexi EP "The Last Days" from 1985, the 2 tracks from Jisatsu Compilation 8" EP from 1985 + unreleased studio and live tracks recorded in 1983. And I tell you what: there isn't a single bad track here. This is one of great bands from Japan and probably from Earth. Just wait to hear "The Last Days" song and you'll understand what I'm talking about, it sounds like a soundtrack from a sinister movie. I got the feeling that I've heard that song before.DOWNLOAD HERE:
THE SEXUAL - Complete Discography 1983-1985 CD 2002 (KK Records)


wedge said...

THANK YOU!!! i actually ordered this CD from an online Japanese shop like 3 years ago. the CD i got in the mail was the Masturbation discography.oh well... sorta cool, cos i didnt have the Masturbation flexi ( i have their other stuff, though), but disappointing cos i wanted to hear more that just the 2 flexis & comp stuff i had from the TOTALLY underrated RAGERS!!! THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

this is definately a great band...were the members in anything else?

AlexPro said...

The End Approaches!

sub-repticio said...

thanx, remenber a gbh style

nothingwheel said...

Thank you

ido said...

Really digging this. Thanks for putting it up along with the artwork!

Charlie said...

have you someone lyrics for some songs from this album??

charlie said...

have you someone lyrics for some songs on this discography?