While you are reading this, Agathocles is probably releasing a new record and I want more. It's the most profile band putting records out since 1988. Just in the year of 1997 they put out over 15 records between split 7", CD, LP. And I consider this split EP one of their best. For the simple reason that on this record they sound very distinct from other releases, actually they sound in the Shikabane's way, which makes me believe that they got influenced by the Japaneses first 7" EP.
This is the second record from Shikabane and like the first one, it will leave you without breath. Fastpogocore!!!
01 - Bio-Industry Fucked Up Humanity - AGATHOCLES
02 - Just Injust - AGATHOCLES
03 - Macho Crowd - AGATHOCLES
04 - 所業 - SHIKABANE
05 - 無 - SHIKABANE
06 - 仏造って魂入れず - SHIKABANE
07 - 摩訶般若波羅蜜多心経 - SHIKABANE
08 - 欲にきりなし、地獄に底なし - SHIKABANE

AGATHOCLES + SHIKABANE - Split 7" EP '97 (Keloid Records - K-02)


ika said…
Nice cover!
Curious Guy said…
Some explanation on the picture used by AGx: It's a picture of 2 Belgian para's swinging a kid above a fire. They were on a mission in some African country (can't remember which one) and they were a bit bored. Caused a lot of disgust in Belgium.
Ratoesco - you've done it again! Thanks.

That cover is well gross though. Ugh.
7inchcrust said…
shit..fuck paras.
both bands rule, thanks RT
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog. AWESOME!
This is all really great and hard to find stuff. No bad music AT ALL. Best blog I have found in a while. Thank you and keep up the good work.
ido said…
Thank you for posting more SHIKIBANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
SvartStoy said…
I love Shikabane, thanks for posting this, im gonna add you to my blog

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