More Scandinavian Compilation. Now you get some classic HC/Punk and some obscure Punk bands from Finland. Terveet Kädet, Varaus and Kaaos are the classic bands that you got here before and as the previous posts those tracks wont let you down. Aivoproteesi and KTMK as far as I concern is their only release [check comments for updates], I also remember seeing a live footage of KTMK along Terveet Kädet, Rattus and WDM. Apärät appears on the Propaganda Hardcore '83 LP and have a great 7'' EP from 1985 called "Häiriköt Tulee".
This is my first Finnish post after Jakke Hallikainen death. Jakke was Kaaos' singer and died apparently on 29th of November due to a hearth failure. A big loss for the Punk scene as Kaaos were still playing gigs.
DOWNLOAD HERE:V.A. Yalta Hi-Life LP '84 (Barabbas Records - BRS 002)


Adamski said…
Great to see you posting again! Well, I think this is a pretty under-rated comp. & Apärät are one of the most under-rated Finnish HC bands, too. Their 7 inch is cool, but I think their tracks on this & the "Hardcore '83" comp. are absolutely brilliant!
Pogel said…
The whole album is a classic.
Curious Guy said…
Great compilation. KTMK is also known as KANSANTURVAMUSIIKKIKOMISSIO and released the 666 LP on the same label. There's another mini album released on Dekadenz.
More info:
You can download the 666 LP here:
It will be re-released by German label Power-It-Up.
Curious Guy, thanx alot for the informations and links about KTMK.
And I agree with Adamski, and I am thinkink about to post more Apärät.
Anonymous said…
DAMN the Mother's EYES! THIS ALBUM burns my HEART! KTMK, tearing a new asshole!

Thank you for posting this rarity. I have been searching the Internot for years, waiting and hoping that I could listen to this again!
coexist said…
Great post. TK's tracks are their best stuff in my opinion. It seems to be recorded months after the tracks from "Black God" and split w/ Kaaos. About Jake it's surely sad, specially because Kaaos took part in the finnish hc history in remarkable releases like split w/ Cadgers, Propaganda comp., Totalinen Kaaos '7 etc... Not to mention Kuolleet Kukat, tought it deserve to get some stuff posted here!? Nice blog!
Finno said…
KTMK : Valkenee - koko tuotanto CD (Karkia Mistika Records/Pukey Records)

Now available for the first time on CD, Jello Biafra- fave Radiopuhelimet-guys' (FIN)
more hardcore predecessor Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio (KTMK for short) all
vinyl releases from 1985-86 ( 666 LP, Seitsemäs pasuuna EP, Yalta Hi-Life tracks) remastered by Pentti Dassum (Deep Turtle,Cosmo Jones Beat Machine, Kroko).

Anonymous said…
Thanks I missed out on the Finnish hardcore first time around. It was hard enough finding American stuff! Enjoying what I hear so far.

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