V.A. Pinch and Ouch! Compilation LP '85

I'll be posting some stuff today, but I am not in the mood to write too much, not many feedbacks in the comments area, which makes me less interested to make reviews.
Anyway, here is another great Japanese compilation featuring some well known bands such a GAI and KURO. But don't underestimate the others here, they kick ass too. Like GESS, where you can hear a good production of their songs.

V.A. Pinch and Ouch! LP '85 (KPP Records - KPP-001)


thanks, did not have this. saw it in a shop circa 1996 or so, damn why did I not buy it? oh well. this blog is one of the best, but you know that already!
Pogel said…
Like Slobodan I don't think I have heard this before. Class acts all of them.
Buck said…
Thanks for the uploads, definitely a great blog!

Anonymous said…
i always wished the lesser known bands on this comp released more stuff. i know some of them changed names and styles and released more, but i was always surprised at the quality of their songs.
Luhuna said…
força ai osmani!
john y? said…
great comp,and surpisingly cheap to buy,i paid $20 for it on ebay a few years ago.
Anonymous said…
Classic comp but such a shame that this was not released about 1 year earlier as it would have caught many of these bands in their prime and could have possibly been the greatest compilation album ever!!!! Good example of this is GESS, their (earlier) demo is a stunning example of Kyushu Punk, amazing 4-track sound, really brutal vocals and razor blade guitar. Their songs on here are tame in comparison. I rate that demo as one of the best releases that ever came from Kyushu.
Almost exactly the same can be said for NO CUT, pretty tame stuff on this comp.
The two KURO songs pale when you compare them to their Fire 7” or the we the helpless 8”.
Best stuff for me on the comp is the GAI songs, possibly the best sounding stuff that Swankys/Gai ever put out (best sounding being a fist fight between these songs, the very best of hero LP and the extermination flexi).
If you are enjoying this comp then check out the “Downtown Street Punker” comp tape/CD or if you want something with new bands on then checkout “Downtown Noise Punker” comp cd-r.
Cheers MrWanky
JoshferatU said…
thanx for the post / solid comp!
Cocuyo said…
hey, thanks for this album-via-mp3
i really like the no cut and aggressive dogs songs, expecially fall in love people makes me feeel like very rebel
i think i downloaded it from here, i dont rememeber well
thnxxxx, greetings from mexico
gary sargent said…
any chance you can put this back up?

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