SCREAMING NOISE - Not Very Nice 7'' EP

Well, I thought it was supposed to be posted on 7 Inch HCPunk. After all they never did and I don't remember seen it anywhere else, so here we go.
This is the first Screaming Noise 7" EP. Released by Eat Noise Records which I believe is the band itself. It's hard to tell exactly when it was released as the record doesn't state anything about it . I guess it dates sometime in 1996 or 1997 as the second one is from 1997. Find the second EP here.
Judging by the cover you can guess this is a Disorder worship band, but as they are from Japan it takes the natural course sounding like Swankys, Gai, Confuse, ...
I believe this style of music became a circle. If in the begging the Japanese bands were doing what Chaos U.K., Disorder, Chaotic Dischord did, now you can see the English Wankys doing a good job ripping the Japanese.
Oh yeah, apparently Chaotic Dischord was just taking a piss of Chaos U.K. and Disorder.DOWNLOAD HERE:
SCREAMING NOISE - Not Very Nice 7" EP (Eat Noise Records - ENR 01)


Anonymous said…
such a good ep!!!

all i have by them are their 2 eps and their comp tracks on chaos of destruction. did they do anything else?

mike/chaos destroy
Isn't that cover a brilliant mix between Disorder's Mental Disorder and Swankys' Lifestyle? Chaotic Dischord piss off? Lol.

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