This was first released by Uproar Records in Sweden, then licensed to New Face Records in Brazil. Uproar album was a single LP, soft paper poster size cover and included the Uproar zine #3 which covered all bands on the compilation. The Brazilian release came up on 1987 and is a double LP, hard gatefold cover, some different photos, but no zine.

Both have the 23 tracks, 8 bands which varies from the melodic Punk Rock of Ugly Squaw to the raw power of Crude S.S. But be careful and don't get too mellow when listen to Rescues in Future's "You Can Try".
V.A. THE VIKINGS ARE COMING LP '85 (Uproar Records #2) / '87 (New Face Records 009-1)
When you download the music you also get the zine scanned.


amebapunk said…
man..this is a fucking masterpiece!!!
Anonymous said…
I was about 20 years looking after this LP. Went to many shops, until now! YEAHHHH!
Regards from Brasil
Ha ha, and here I was just going to write that the fanzine is up at www.PUNKSISHIPPIES.com but then I saw that it is included in the download...oh well. :)
Recycler said…
Great blog.
Check out this one:
alex666 said…
Link is deleted. Please, can somenone reupload. Thanks

greetings from Slovakia
Broken link is fixed.
Anonymous said…
Link is dead!!! Help! Greets from Poland!
Anonymous said…
Sorry! Link exist, only MediaFire had problems...
oh well, fucking hell, I must have listened to this record in 1991 the first time and it set me for life into swedish punk!!! its a classic!!! but something always bugged me. it sounds like all the bands recorded at the same studio , like some sort of arrangement by the organizers of the compilations... the drums sound very similar in all recordings, sound in general... can someone put a light on that????
RagnarR said…
Wow! Thanks for this - excellent comp. I can deal with melodisk stuff just fine as well as the crushing necro-toned mayhem of Crude SS.

A friend once was selling the LP at Gilman St. but even then (2000) he was selling it for $50.

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