DISARM "Regerings Stödda Mord" T-Shirts

Licensed T-shirts. Classic design from the 1st 7" EP. Grab your t-shirt before it's gone. Now available on Ebay (click here).There you can buy many high quality patches and t-shirts made from Punk to Punk. But if you prefer to purchase out of Ebay contact me on osmanita@hotmail.co.uk


Anonymous said…
THANKS a LOT for re-uploading the 'Digging in Water' compilation LP. Very much appreciated. Hoping that soon you'll re-upload the other dead links. Cheers.
Anonymous said…
this is not on license ! You did not ask us before you made them, and we got nothing in return
Hi Anonymous,
Yes, we have a deal with Patrick Ceder.
The deal is to send 20% of all material printed.
We talk to him previously to ask permission, then we sent 20% to him.
Feel free to contact us for more info: osmanita@hotmail.co.uk
Osmani / Anita

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