RAISE CAIN - Bootleg 7'' EP '95

No! This blog is not dead! Yes, it has been while since the last time I posted something here, but I'm still checking things out, not coming over here like before due to the crazy schedule in my life. I wish i can get more spare time, because I really enjoy up/download stuff.
I have many records in mind, but I'll start with something that I promised to post.
As you should know, I've posted the Japanese Raise Cain's "Ground Zero Demo" and "Return To Many Shocks and Panic first 7" EP" . Now you get the second 7" EP released by the great American label Sound Pollution.
RAISE CAIN - Bootleg 7" EP '95 ( Sound Pollution - Pollute 024)


It is very cool that it says "BOOLEG" on cover ha ha
toxik boys said…
Recomiendo mucho este trabajo. Las bandas japonesas tienen un sonido raw bestial, ya sea hardcore, crust o punk.

Además de todo, es un bootleg muy raro de conseguir así que es una descarga casi obligada!

great post!!!!!!!!!
Nice blog. I have this record too and was planning on sharing... you beat me to it! Check out my blog with lots of punk from Japan/Denmark/US etc.

Isa said…
Olá, obrigada pelo comentário no blog, você é da onde? Realmente cometemos um engano no post, foi a Kika quem postou e upou o álbum errado, colocando o album do agent orange holandês no post do americano. Vou consertar o post e postar o álbum com a capa e informações corretas. Muito obrigada pelo aviso e pelos elogios. Seu blog é excelente, vou linkar no meu. keep suporting us! :) Sempre vou dar uma passadinha por aqui. Beijo!
Anonymous said…
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