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V.A. Vägra För Helvete! - LP '83 + CD edition

I first got this Swedish compilation back on the old times of trading tapes. I immediately got hooked with many bands on it, such as Sabotage 81, Adrenalin, Rolands Gosskör, Livin' Sacrifice and D.N.A. delivering great Punk Rock songs and, of course, the amazing Asta Kask throwing two new recordings of the old songs "Landsplikt" and "Demokrati"exclusive for this compilation. But the highest point for me is one of my favorites bands of all time, Anti Cimex first song "Eibon" is just over a minute and is in the same vein of the Really Fast and Raped Ass era. The second song "Heroindöd" is a different and slow version of the one released on the Anarkist Attack 7" EP '81, just great! Check out the lyric translation in the comments.
So, when I finally put my hands on the vinyl, I realized that the last two songs on my tape were missing and I had passed years without listen to Nyx Negativ.
Years later (1994?) Rosa honung Records released a…