Another MCR release. This time Nightmare from Japan versus Concrete Sox from England.
Nightmare play typical Japanese Osaka thrashcore ala S.O.B. They've been putting great records out since their first amazing 7" EP from 1988 on Selfish Records, until now when they're still touring.
Concrete Sox formed 1984 at the heart of what seemed to be an explosion of hardcore and metal music, Nottingham and also part of Derby. They were one of the earliest hybrid metal/hardcore bands to come out of the UK as well as arguably one of the earliest examples of a hardcore band leaning towards metal music (this is typically referred to as "crossover thrash" nowadays) who had an animal and politically conscious message in their music.
This 7" split EP also coincided with the Concrete Sox Japanese tour in 1992.

01 - Annihilation - NIGHTMARE
02 - Find Your Way - NIGHTMARE
03 - 悲劇 (Tragedy) - NIGHTMARE
04 - Extremely Hardcore - CONCRETE SOX
05 - City Slave - CONCRETE SOX
Nightmare + Concrete Sox - Split 7'' EP '91 (MCR Company - MCR-49)


David said…
probably the best release by CONCRETE SOX, but NIGHTMARE wins!
Vultch said…
Nice. Check out my new blog
Anonymous said…
Nightmare are great

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