HYLKIÖ - 1st 7" EP '92

Hylkiö was a Hardcore/Punk band from Finland better known for their split 7" with Battle of Disarm from 1994 when they also released another 7" split with Urban Riot, playing crust/grindcore.
But before that they had put out two 7" EPs in the pure Scandinavian hardcore veins that would reminds you of Mellakka, Varaus, Kaaos,...
I am posting this rare first one (300 made) in the hope that someone rip Maapallo Itkee Verisiä Kyyneleitä 7" EP from 1993 as I only have that on tape and I tell you what -the second one blows the first away- including a great cover of Disorder's Rampton Song.
HYLKIÖ - 1st 7" EP '92 (SHJ Records / SHJ-013)


Terska said…
great. some hylkiö members played in armed revolution.

hey ratoseco!

I could offer that split 7" with B.O.D. and a split tape with ÖDEEMA if you´re interested.
Hey Papa!
Yeah, I have the split with Battle of Disarm and the one with Urban Riot, but never heard the split tape with
Ödeema. Would you post that?
will be posted as soon as I find the time to rip it! ripping tapes, especially livetapes, is a pain in the ass!

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