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Sunday, 9 September 2007

VARAUS - Tuomittu Elämään EP

Varaus was one of the icons of the Finnish Hardcore Punk in the early 80's along with Kaaos, Riistetyt, Terveet Kädet, Bastards and so. But with an unique guitar structure and a well done vocalisation.
Unfortunately I don't own this record, I got the tracks from the semi-discography CD called "Requiem" and my friend Ameba Chaos provided me with the covers scan.
One of the reason I am posting this record is to find out if any of you out there own the first and only Varaus 12" EP (1/2 MLP) self released in 1982.
On Requiem CD we can only find 6 of the 9 tracks, I have the other tracks downloaded from soulseek but the quality is bad. So if anyone could post this record or let me know a link to, would be great.
Varaus also appear on V.A. "Hardcore '83" LP released by Propaganda Records and V.A. Yalta Hi-Life LP '84 released by Barabbas Records. Tracks included on Requiem CD, which was released by Kraklund. DOWNLOAD HERE:
VARAUS - Tuomittu Elämään EP 7" EP '83 (self-release - Raus 2)


Paul said...

Anyone to provide us with the ½ LP?
Common guys.
Thanx for posting this badass single.

ameba chaos said...

I've heard about this band somewhere!
cheers mate :)

mike said...

thanks for the awesome blog - in return, here's a link to the vauaus 12"


RATOSECO said...

Hey Mike! thanx for the link, but this is the same recording that I've got from slsk, between tracks 6, 7, 8 you can here an awful music in the background. Let's see if a person that really owns this record can help us here.

wedge said...

i have the 1/2 LP. the background noise you hear on it is part of the original vinyl release, so im guessing thats why they never put these tracks to CD. the CD on Kraklund, btw, sounds so fukking incredible. i normally HATE cd remixes/remasters, but the mixed versions of the 1/2 LP on the cd sound so great, and the original vinyl mix sounds so weak. i never liked the 1/2 LP so much until i heard the CD versions-NO JOKE!! and...this 7" is so amazing!! i had this in the late 1980's, but i took it to japan & traded it in 1989. i figured id find another copy someday and japanese stuff was so obscure then. when i got home, i later found out this ep was only 200 pressed & ive never seen another copy again...

RATOSECO said...

Thanx for the information. Now it makes more sense. Good for you that you have the 1/2LP but bad that you have traded the single. I bed you got some great japancore too :)

wedge said...

oh, i have a few japanese records...

oku said...

miljoonasti kiitoksia!

Beerbelly Nelly said...

Stoked! Thanks for the download. (:<