DEATH SIDE / CHAOS U.K. - Split CD '93

These are two of my favorites bands (you will probably hear me saying it all the time).
Chaos U.K. still going since 1979 and never retired, just keep change members, Chaos, the only original member had quite sometime ago and Mower got back on vocals, you can check it on the new split with Fuk (another Chaos U.K. based band including Gabba).
Death Side, one of the greatest Japanese "Burning Spirits" bands, released 2 wonderful LPs also on Selfish records + 3 singles and have tracks in many compilations. Few years ago all their stuff were re-released in CDs, I am not sure if you still can find it.
On "The Will Never Die" 2xCD, which includes all singles and compilation tracks also includes "Where Are your Eyes" that was supposed to be on this album but wasn't.
I also had to split the tracks one by one, as on the CD is divided as 2 tracks. (Death Side / Chaos U.K.).
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell that this album was bootlegged in 1998, the only vinyl version of it. 500 copies were made and today is rare and expensive as any other original Death Side records.
This post goes to the memory of Chelsea, the great Death Side's guitarist that died on 17th of august 2007.
DOWNLOAD HERE: DEATH SIDE + CHAOS U.K. - Split CD '93 (Selfish Records)


thanks for the ds/ cover! it´s a nice little blog you´re running here! I linked it to mine! AMEN!
cheers, for some reason I don't already have this...
...and it is a good one for the Chaos Uk side too! I am surprised how 'american' they sound, which is not necessary a bad thing. Death Side is just supergood. Enough said. Thanks again.
michael said…
hi! thanks for this! i can't get enough death side... what a great band! i found this link through 7inchcrust. good blog!
I rarely get that excited and nostalgic when I listen to a recording, but this is one of those cases... I just love this record and in my opinion its one of the most succesfull split lps of all times.... alltime classic.

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