BALANCE - Why answer Still Missing

This is my first only Japanese post and you better get used coz I am a Japanese-freak. I love japancore.
Don't missjudge this band by the name or even the cover, I know it looks a bit strange, I myself wouldn't buy this record if I didn't know them before. First time I heard Balance was on "V.A. This The Life Vol. 3" released by M.C.R in Japan. Only one track that made me go mad to find out about other releases. And yes I got hold of this master piece and their split CD with U.C.A "Two 'Existence' With One Heart". You can't go wrong if you like bands like Death Side and Crude, actually Balance comes from Hakodate City the same as Crude, Mustang, Etæ, sharing members and similar music.

BALANCE - Why answer Still Missing 7" EP '99 (Blood Sucker Record - BSR-52)

BALANCE - "Never Too Late" (From V.A. This is the Life 3)


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Dystralte said…
Great band! I agree with you totally about the artwork, it reminds me of a Revelation records cover from the 90's. Hell, I bet you could get all the straight edge kids to buy it...It even has a sound that reminds me of SOIA.

Thanks for posting this. Any chance of uploading the comp track?
I've just added the compilation track "Never Too Late".
Anonymous said…
Got lyrics for "Why Answer Is Still Missing"?
Thank you.

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